Sometimes I tend to give in to my fleshly side and start to feel tired. This happened again about 3 weeks ago. I walked into a babyshower at a perfectly decorated home with plenty of bedrooms for all children and an additional playroom for all their toys. I listened to women talk about meeting at the gym, buying new clothes, and going out for lunch, and that fleshly side of me started to feel sorry for myself. I started to whine about having to work 2 jobs. I started to whine about not having enough space for anything in our house. I started to whine about cutting coupons and shopping sales. I started to feel sorry for myself, if just for a brief moment. I came home from the shower, fell on our bed, and turned to Brent and said, “I’m really struggling with envy. You’re going to have to snap me out of this.” It may sound stupid and petty, and it is, but it was a real struggle, almost a bitterness as my eyes could only see what I did not have and would not focus on all that we did have. Its funny how God doesn’t allow you to stay in those moments for long though because at church that Sunday, Brent seemed to have picked every song to sing that convicted me of my selfishness and then Bob did an impromptu call to the alter to lay down everything we were not giving to God. We’ll just say my eyes were definitely not dry, but I stood up completely free of the stronghold that had attempted to steal my joy from me. I left church that Sunday with different eyes. Which brings us to today. Today was parent orientation at school.

As I got ready and realized that in 3 weeks, I’ll only have Tuesdays with just me and the girls, I’ll admit I was a little sad. But at the same time, very thankful. I went to school today with a different attitude. This was a job that God placed in my lap so that I could earn money, do something with my brain, and still only be out of the house 1 day a week. Plus, I love the kids, I love the environment, and I love the people I work with. God has a funny way of bringing you through something tough in order to open your eyes to the blessings of life. And I am very blessed.

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Potty Training?????

Over the past month or so I have periodically put Elliana on the potty. I usually put her on when I see her about to poo, and usually she ends up pooing in the potty. Its always me who has initiated getting her to go on the potty though. Today was the next step. We were all sitting at the table eating lunch, and she looked at me and said “potty”. (first time she’s ever done that!) I asked her if she needed to go potty, and she shook her head yes so off to the potty we went. I expected nothing from her but she sat down and went poo and clapped for herself the whole time. When she seemed to be done, I took her off, gave her lots of fives and cheers and put a diaper back on. Five minutes later she took me back to the potty and said “potty” and tried to climb back up. I put her back up, expecting nothing again, but she went poo again! I guess she wasn’t finished the first time =) Everyone always told me the second kid is much easier. Maybe this will hold true on the whole potty training thing!

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God has a sense of humor

I came back from vacation exhausted and ready for a break from the two kiddos. Not getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time had taken its toll, and I was ready for Brent to take over for a bit, maybe even let me sleep in a little in the morning. Instead, 45 minutes after arriving home from our 13 hour car trip, Brent sprained his ankle pretty bad and is now on cruches for the next few weeks! I guess God wants to remind me that He really can be my strength when I have nothing left to give. I don’t know how single mothers do it!!!

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Today is the last day of our trip North. Although I’m ready to get back home and get the girls rested, I’m sad to leave my family. The girls have had so much fun with all their cousins that it makes me sad to think they won’t see each other again until Thanksgiving. I’m already brainstorming to see how I can relocate the whole fam to Texas!

Fun Days in Iowa

I finally got to meet my nephew! Jamison is 9 months old and I finally got to meet him yesterday, and I have to admit, I was pretty excited that he seems to like his Aunt Kari. He’s such a sweet little boy! We met for the first time at an indoor play area because, as I said yesterday, it is freezing here! Then tonight, Elliana got to meet her great grandparents for the first time. Its been a fun and fulfilling two days.

On the Road Again

Our time in Chicago has come to an end, and it is on to the next phase of the trip.
We ended our time in Chicago with a trip to the zoo,
and our family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the mall to play.
On to Des Moines we go!

Here’s to…

New friends


Celebrating birthdays with family

The Pictures Say it all

This morning was the opening Sunday for Wheaton Bible Church. It was an amazing time of worship and the church is beautiful. Here is just one of the many murals around the church.

I only made it through the music before I was paged for Elliana, so Elliana and I enjoyed the service from the cry room.

Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the pool!

And you can’t forget the ice cream =) For those of you who think its kind of gross that they’re eating off the same cone…our moto is “sisters share”. They’re still too young to distinguish what is kind of gross to share!

There’s Something in the air

There’s something about vacation air that makes your children not want to sleep. I’m blogging right now in order to remember the fun times we had today and not the 4 hours I’ve spent today trying to get kids to sleep. So here’s the fun stuff…the not so fun stuff, I’ll try to ignore it for 9 more days!

Avery learned to ride a bike and Elliana learned how to annoy the snot out of a puppy.
Avery also learned how to hit a ball with a bat, well sort of. I guess she learned the whole concept of what’s supposed to happen when the ball comes your way and you have a bat in your hands. Elliana also learned all about stairs. Her new favorite word is “tairs, tairs”.

And don’t forget the time spent playing Guitar Hero. With 3 nephews in the house, how could I not spend considerable time playing Guitar Hero? Maybe I can make it to the medium level by Wednesday =)

Road Trip

Day 2: 2nd hour…everyone still pretty content

7th Hour: Pulling out the candy for entertainment
9th Hour: Portable DVDs are our friend!
10th Hour: Beauty parlor time…whatever works to keep the peace!!!

17 hours and 2 days later, we are finally in Chicago!!

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