Home Improvements

I’ve wanted to make our 2nd living area into a playroom since Avery was born. We tried when I was pregnant with Elliana, but then our entertainment center broke so the shelves that held all the toys got moved into the other room so we had something to put our TV on. But there’s no motivation like having five kids ages 2 and under in the house two days a week and being pregnant with a 3rd child to motivate you to get some projects done!

We took advantage of the Labor Day sales and spent Saturday morning at IKEA finding some great bargains. Then we spent all Saturday afternoon and evening putting everything together. The girls didn’t seem to mind though. They had a blast playing in all the boxes and packing materials.This is now the official room for all the toys. Hopefully there will soon be a gate separating the two living areas so that on the days I have five kids in the house, at least one room won’t be destroyed by the end of the day =)Our new refugee away from toys and kids things! The room feels so peaceful when you sit down and see nothing that resembles Elmo. And yes, we even bought an actual entertainment center for our TV. I’m pretty cheap and hate spending money, so I have to admit, I told Brent to go get whatever we needed to make the house function better, and I took the kids to eat lunch and play in all the kids stuff. I knew I would end up picking the cheapest pricetag and not the items that we needed. Lucky for me Brent is a great decorator. He did a great job don’t you think?!

Family Fun Days

Friday’s are our family fun day. Because it is Brent’s day off, we try to keep the day special and very rarely do we allow other engagements to fall on Friday. Not always do we go out and do big activities, but we always make the day revolve around just our family. Today we had a great family fun day! We started the morning by going to the mini train station in Fort Worth. Both Avery and Elliana love trains and we had never been, so we thought it would be a fun time.
This is Avery pointing out the bears she found in the forest while riding the train. Her and Brent were on a bear hunt for most of the train ride.
Here are the girls waiting at the train depot. Elliana was too busy looking around at all the birdies to pay attention to the camera.
Then tonight we went to our favorite restaurant, Babes, for dinner. Who can resist fried chicken and all you can eat mashed potatoes and corn?! The girls love it, and Avery even got down and danced for the restaurant tonight.
An attempted family photo to end the night. Fridays are my favorite day of the week!

Lizard Hunting

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a lizard hunt?

Last night when the girls and I were playing outside, Avery found a lizard in the rocks. She was so excited to show daddy.

Since we don’t see Brent on Wednesdays (rehearsals and stuff up at church), Avery woke up and immediately wanted daddy to go catch the lizard. So Brent was woken up to the need for a lizard hunt this morning.

I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed us all in our PJs and ratted hair looking for lizards in the front yard!


So here’s the dilemma. Three out of every 7 days, Avery does not sleep during her nap. She lays in her bed, in the dark, under the covers, with no toys or books, but she does not fall asleep. Its almost as if her mind is going to fast for her to relax and fall asleep. If you stand by the door and watch really close, you’ll see her lips moving and an occasional finger twitching as she tells millions of stories in her head.

So instinct would tell you that she must not need to take naps every day right? Wrong. Because on the days she doesn’t sleep, she cries all afternoon long and into the next day. She’s overtired by bedtime and can’t go to sleep. She throws fits every time I tell her no. She has a hard time sharing and tends to get a little bit of an attitude towards the rest of the family. These are all not normal characteristics of her on the days she sleeps.

So here’s the question…has anyone else ever dealt with this and have a great solution other than allowing her to skip naps? Or do I just have to deal with it and chalk it up to another one of those not so fun mothering moments? Just curious =)

Date Night

Last night Avery and Brent went on a date. Avery couldn’t have been happier to get to spend the evening with just daddy. Her smile throughout the afternoon was big enough to light up the whole house.
Brent took her to eat pizza, to the park to play and color with sidewalk chalk, and then to get ice cream. What little girl wouldn’t feel like a princess after that?

Fun stuff

What could be more fun when you have 5 friends over to play than to jump and splash in the pool?

The Rangers

Saturday started out pretty rough. Both girls woke up crying and didn’t stop for quite a few hours. I was pregnancy sick, and Brent had been out late with some college friends who were in town and so only got 4 hours of sleep. Needless to say, none of us were enjoying our Saturday. Then my parents called to say they were driving in and going to a Rangers Game. Suddenly a rough Saturday turned fun. Its amazing what a little perspective change can do to your outlook on life =) After an hour and a half rain delay, it turned out to be a great game. We left when the Rangers were winning 7-1. Of course they ended up losing though 8-7. I guess they were sad we left.

Cleaning up Messes

In the last 45 minutes, this is what has happened.

3:00pm: Hear screams from Elliana’s bedroom. Thought, that’s weird. She should still be sleeping. Go in to investigate and discovered that she had taken her diaper off and pottied all over her bed and then laid in it. So not only was the bed soaking wet, but so was she. Fun times.

3:45pm: Hear screams from the bathroom and come running to see Avery standing in front of the potty crying. I ask what’s wrong and her reply is, “I was sitting and going potty and then vroomp, I fell off and potty got all over the floor and me” Again, fun times.

They have both hit their limit on the amount of potty I’m willing to clean up in a single day!

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You Know You’re Old When…

You know you’re old when you’re asleep by 9:30pm on your 5th wedding anniversary. As of August 2nd, we have been married 5 years, lived in 3 places, and have had 2 kids. Thursday night we went out for the night and had our great friend, Susan, stay with the girls. Then Saturday we went out to eat, but we were both so exhausted that we were home by 9:15pm. You know its bad when your babysitter looks at you when you walk in the door and asks if you got bored or something =) But it doesn’t matter how late or how exciting the date was, I love Brent more today than I did 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago. This whole marriage thing is the best decision I ever made! Happy Anniversary babe.


My 15 month old is wearing panties today. Crazy huh?!!! 1 accident, but it was totally my fault, and the rest of the day she’s gone in the potty. YEAHHHHHH Elliana. For those of you who think I’m crazy to put my 15 month old in panties, you’re probably right, but I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. She’s interested so we’re going all out. Maybe we’ll be diaper free by her 18 month birthday =)

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