Morning Snack

What to do

Pulled into the parking lot of church this morning to the sounds of the little man puking.  Cleaned him off, ran inside to let the nursery know I wouldn’t be working this morning, and drove back home.  What to do on a Sunday morning with no responsibilities?  Here’s what we came up with today…

The girls did MY chores for me

followed by some  cartoon watching by the girls and some coffee drinking by me.   Half way through the morning, I couldn’t find Elliana, and suddenly I heard some chirping from her closet.  I grabbed the flip and this is what I saw.

Puking is sometimes such a bad experience, but today it was a little blessing in disguise.  I think we all enjoyed a little downtime and some time to get the house back in order before we start the week.

oh, and little man is just fine.  It was a one time occurrence =)

Family Fun Day

We attempted to go to the zoo, saw the 30 minute wait to get into the alternative parking lot because the normal zoo parking lot was already full, and decided to do something else instead.

Around the area of the zoo, there are a few other options.  The mini train was our first thought, but we didn’t have any cash.  As we pulled out of the road, we saw a sign that said “Log Cabin Village” and thought “why not? Let’s try it”.  So we went.
None of us had ever been there so we didn’t know what to expect.
It was a blast. The kids got to play in the “woods”, learned how candles were made, and got a few interesting history lessons about the type of potties the pioneers used.
They also had a “hands on” house where the kids got to play in the kitchen, play with a spinning wheel, gather eggs from a chicken coup, grind coffee, and pump water.
Not too bad for a last minute revision of plans!

I Think We’re Turning a Corner

After 3 weeks of off and on fevers of over 102, the little man is finally coming around. Praise the Lord for more smiles and less crying.  Its been a long 3 weeks.

A Little Fun

I sit here staring at the screen unable to put into words what is swirling in my head.  3 weeks of sick kids has made my mind mush.   So instead of me sitting here trying to explain what God is teaching me this week, I thought I would take the easy way out and post pics of the kiddos instead.  The grandparents like those posts better anyway =)

One of our great friends took these pictures.  She is an amazing photographer and person, and we’re blessed to have her as  our friend.  So here are just a few of the best…although when looking at photos of your own kids, its hard to choose the “best”.  I’m definitely a bit biased and think ALL of them are fabulous.  Amazing how much you can love a little person isn’t it =)  Enjoy!

If you want to see the rest of them, click here.

Family Fun Day

This post is just a few days late…oops =)

But Family Fun Day was a bit low key this week. Brent’s sick, the oldest is recovering from an ear and sinus infection, the middle one has horrible allergies, and the youngest one has been sick for 3 weeks. So we moved a bit slow this Friday =)

A leisurely walk to the park to climb some trees and have a picnic lunch
then we let each girl use money from their piggy banks to go to the Revive Carnival at church.  Revive is our special needs ministry and every year we have a carnival at the church and all proceeds go to Revive.  The girls had a blast. Little man was still sick, but he’s a trooper.We ended the evening by making some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and watching “Franklin”.  I found this recipe out of desperation one girls’ night when I was preggos with the little man.  I googled “peanut butter cookies using 4 ingredients”  and found this recipe.  It is amazing and the girls can make it themselves; although I have yet to leave the kitchen while they are making it!  In case you want to try it out, here’s the recipe:

1 egg

1 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

Stir it all together, make it into little balls on a cookie sheet, and put it in the oven at 350 for 7-10 min.  This is the first time we added chocolate chips to the recipe and it was really good.  I don’t think you can mess this up!

And I end this post with a little prayer request for the little guy.  We’re on week 2 of pretty intensely high fevers.  We did a round of blood work today, X-rays earlier this week, and plenty of doctors visits.  We are going back in on Monday morning to review the blood work.  If you could pray that his little body would be healed, I would appreciate it.  He’s too little to be this sick.

Looking for Some Fun

This yellow evil dust that has blown in has wrecked havoc on my children!  Croup, ear infections, sinus infections, high fevers,  no sleep (that one just describes me! The kids were smart enough to rotate nights that they were awake all night, so its just me that has been up every night for over a week with a sick kid!) AHHHHH.  I’m ready for the yellow coating over all things outside to disappear!

So, to try to stay indoors so the kids can maybe breathe normally again by tomorrow, I declared today a craft day.  Then I realized the little man was eating all the crafts, so I put craft day on hold until his nap time…then craft day began.

We began with some individual crafts.  E chose to glue tissue paper.

She was proud of herself.

A chose to make a puppet.Can you see the sickness just screaming out of her eyes?!!  Poor kid!

Then we moved on to the group projects and created some sort of animal

A frog puppet

And a really big mess

2 hours later, craft projects were complete.

Now what to do tomorrow to keep them inside?  Anyone know when the pollen will disappear?!!!

My Spiritual Journey

So the James Experiment is already kicking my booty and its only day two!!   My two thoughts from yesterday…

“for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20)

So I’ve blogged about this verse before, but the truth needs to be heard by me ALL the time.  In the chaos of 3 kids who seem to all get out of hand at the same time, sometimes anger gets the quickest reaction so that I get everything under control and life can go on.  However, producing the righteousness of God is my goal as a parent, so I guess the quickest way is not necessarily the best way.  I’ve made it 4 days without getting angry at any child during the day.  (not even when E pooped in her bed today and when I asked her if she did it while she was awake or asleep and she said “awake…I was just too tired to get out of bed to go to the potty so I just pooped and went to sleep.”  Pretty excited that I didn’t lose my temper at that one =)

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” (James 1:5)

This verse has been speaking to my soul this week as I’ve finished writing some different things.  In 2 weeks, I’m about to do something that I feel pretty inadequate to do, but I know the Lord is more than adequate.  As I’ve been working on this, James 1:5 has been whispered in my ear reminding me that I just need to ask and the Lord will give me the wisdom to speak the words that need to be spoken.


  • So I didn’t completely finish the project I’m working on.  I got 2 out of the 3 done though!  I’ll finish the 3rd one by this weekend.
  • I’ve made a plan to get up earlier on Tues/Thursdays than I do the other days.  I have to be up by 5:10-5:15am in order to read and spend time with the Lord before I head out at 6am to meet a friend to run.  I have enjoyed getting outside to run again.  I’m not a great runner, but my friend is so it is fun to run with her.  She makes me run faster and longer than I could on my own =)
  • The other days, I still get up with Brent at 5:45am to spend time with the Lord.  I go to the gym later in the day and listen to some sermons while I work out.  I really like working out this way.
  • Think I’m going to start memorizing the book of James.  I have been lacking in memorizing lately so think I’m going to get back into it by starting with James.
  • Have committed to doing  The James Experiment for the next 40 days.  Pretty excited to see our church transformed as we all go on this journey together!
  • Brent and I started “Body for Life” yesterday.  He wants to bulk up some and I want to lose those last 10 pounds that keep reminding me of my 3 lovely children.  Its a 3 month deal where we workout 6 times a week and change our eating a bit.  I’m excited and its always fun to do something like this with my hubby.  I think I’m most sad about giving up the vanilla wafers I steal on Sunday mornings while I work the nursery hall.  I love vanilla wafers =)

Please pray for me this next week as I finish preparing for this upcoming event.  I know God has clearly shown me what He wants said; I just pray my nerves or insecurities don’t keep me from saying it.  Thanks!

He Is Risen…Let’s Celebrate

And celebrate we did as the girls woke up to an empty tomb this morning!

Our celebration consisted of dying Easter eggs last night to prepare for Easter morning After we talked about the tomb being empty and that Jesus is alive, we told them the rest of the day was a party to celebrate that Jesus is stronger than death. The first fun thing was their Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt around the house.Our celebration then moved to an incredible time of worship at Northwood Church  followed by an afternoon with some family friends and their families.

At the afternoon party, the kids got another Easter Egg HuntHours filled with playing with friends and some play time with some ducks and a chicken (notice the little man’s arm stuck through the fence trying to reach the animals) The kids are now exhausted, but I think they have decided they like these kinds of celebrations where they get lots of candy

Overall, I think our week of intentionally drawing our family into thinking through what the cross means has been good.  The oldest finally understood that she is sinful which was my biggest prayer through this whole thing.    Through all the talking this week, she has heard the gospel quite a few times and one day in the car she said, “mommy, I know I’m a sinner and my only hope is Jesus.  He alone can forgive me.”   We praise Christ that he is softening her heart but we also know she is a bit young to truly understand salvation.  The foundation is being laid though, and I pray Christ continues to work in all my kids’ hearts and minds as they grow older.

Day Five and Six

Jesus Praying in the Garden and telling God “not my will but Yours be done”.

Day Six: Two part series =)

Part One:  Jesus died on the cross

We then left and went to Good Friday Service.  The youngest and the oldest have croup so we spent the majority of the service in the cry room (sigh).  It was still an amazing service though…even if it was observed from the cry room.

Part Two:  Putting Jesus in the tomb.

We came home, discussed how Jesus would now be dead, put him in the tomb and blew out the last candle.

The oldest is already itching to get Jesus out of the tomb.  I know tomorrow is going to feel like an eternity to her!