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Family Fun Day

The theme for the day was “the wise man and the foolish man”.     Most of the conversation with the girls this morning consisted of the difference between a wise man and a foolish man.  So it was only appropriate to sing the song over breakfast.  “The wise man built his house upon the rock….and the rain came tumbling down.”  Its fun to watch little brains process new information!Then Brent left to go help friends move, and the girls and I made cookies to take to our friends who were moving.We spent the rest of the morning at a playscape area at a local church.  This place is amazing and the kids always have a blast when we go.  By the grace of God, we left right before the huge storms came through and were able to make it home in time for lunch and naps.The rest of the afternoon was a lazy afternoon.  The rain outside made it seem appropriate to do things like watch cartoons and fix vacuums.  And we got new neighbors a few weeks ago, so they came over after dinner and hung out this evening.  What a blessing!!  A perfect way to end a relaxing day.

Lonestar Homecoming by Colleen Coble

I received this complementary book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for agreeing to review the book on this site,  and was excited to sit down and enjoy a good story.  I had read great reviews about the author, Colleen Coble, so assumed the story would be fun to read.

Lonestar Homecoming is about a young girl running from her problems as she tries to protect her young daughter.  She eventually learns, throughout quite a few twists and turns, that only by confronting her past will she be able to move forward into happiness.  Overall, the story was a quick read and very well written.  It is the type of book you can sit down and read in a couple hours.  While it was enjoyable, I’m not sure I will be reading anything else by this author.  The character development was a little trite and the overall plot was not as in depth as I like; however, if you plan on taking a trip to the beach or just want to sit on the couch for a lazy rainy afternoon and not think to much, this would be a great book for you!

I don’t normally read fiction more than once, and am trying really hard to not keep clutter in the house, so if you’re looking for an easy ready, I would love to send the book to the first person who wants it.  If you’re interested, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll send the book your way!

Bikes Make Everything More Fun

My Spiritual Journey

I’m a day late posting this.  Mainly because I didn’t know what to write.  I mean I know what I’m thinking, but not necessarily what to write.   So I avoided writing yesterday.  On a positive note, my avoidance seemed to create productivity in the household.  4 loads of laundry, spraying the lawn for weeds, vacuuming, dusting, moping, bathrooms, they all got clean as I avoided the computer.

So I sit here to write still with more thoughts and ponderings than with answers.   This week, the idea of being “fishers of men”  has sat heavily on my heart. I’ve heard this phrase since I was a child.  In fact, anytime I hear it, I immediately flash back to my great grandma brushing my hair and singing “I will make you fishers of men” in Norwegian.    But this last week, God has been pushing me to re-evaluate the statement.  Jesus told Simon and Andrew to follow him.  That was it.  Their only role was to follow Jesus.  Jesus  followed the statement by saying that HE would make Simon and Andrew fishers of men IF they followed Him.

Three thoughts rolling around in my brain:

  1. Is this a cause/effect statement?  Is my only job to follow Jesus?  If I’m truly following Him, I would be fishers of men.  If I’m not fishers of men, does that mean I’m not truly following Jesus?
  2. What does it look like to follow Jesus?  Not the Sunday school answer that I’ve been told my whole life, but practically, in the context in which I live and the role that God has called me to, what does life look like completely submitted to and following Christ?
  3. In the past, the phrase “fishers of men” has been applied solely to salvation.  Does this definition need to be broadened?  Should it include teaching, discipling, encouraging, etc…?

As I said, lots of thoughts that God is pushing through my little mind. Not sure why yet, but definitely know God is teaching me something.  Its funny.   Last week I walked to the bookshelf and picked up the book Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur.  I picked it up because it looked like the best option out of what we already own not necessarily because I really desired to read it.  But we were out of miscellaneous  money for the month, so I had to choose something we already had.  The fun part is it dissects the disciples’ life and walk with Jesus.  It came at a perfect time for all these ponderings that are taking place in my heart.  God is pretty fun like that.


  • Getting up at 5:00am every day to spend some time with Jesus and then go work out.  Ran 4.5 miles last week!!  I finished it and wasn’t dying so we’re going to go farther tomorrow.   Maybe one day I’ll end up liking to run =)
  • Finally decided that working out 6 days a week is unrealistic for me at this stage in life. I’m shooting for 5 days now b/c that seems to be what I can reasonable attain without sacrificing time with my family and household responsibilities.
  • Still reading Twelve Ordinary Men.  It is a phenomenal book.
  • Still attempting to memorize James.  I need to focus on it more this week though.  My retention is not the greatest lately!

Can I Brag?

on my husband of course =) 

I love sitting in the church on Sunday mornings as Brent leads the congregation into the throne room of our Savior.  There is just something unique about being  led in worship by your husband.

When we first started dating,  this wasn’t the case.  In fact, I use to think “I’m not sure when I’ll be able to authentically worship anymore.  He’s so hot I just look at him and forget I’m here to worship our Savior.” ahhhhh, young love =)

Seven years later, and I do still think he’s incredibly good looking, but I’m not quite as distracted by his good looks while he’s on stage as I once was.  I just feel honored that  it is him leading me to my Savior in corporate worship on Sunday mornings.

And yes, I know I’m a bit biased.  Isn’t that one of my roles as a wife to think my husband rocks?!

Two Sundays ago, Northwood experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in ways that were amazing.  I describe it as the presence of God was so very real that you had NO CHOICE but to worship.   It was incredible and freeing and I so wish everyone I know could have been a part of it.

If you click here, you can hear a bit of that Sunday morning. (full disclosure makes me tell you that you are clicking to my hubby’s blog. =) Hope you enjoy!

Family Fun Day

The McManus clan was in town for family fun day this week!!  We got to spend the morning doing fun stuff like

(shhhhhh…don’t tell their daddy about this next pic!)  I’ve already gotten the lecture from Brent about how I need to buy boy dress up stuff for when the little man gets older!

Followed by and yes, the whole family participated in that much needed activity!  Unfortunately,  the little man didn’t get the memo about the naptime needing to be extra long this particular day, so he also got some fun time doing this with daddy.We ended the evening with a family bike ride/walk to the video store Followed by family movie night.   Tigger and Pooh and the Super Duper Super Sleuths was the chosen movie for the evening.  Did you know that if you eat celery, you can fly?  And carrots make you see really really far away.  My kids have been talking about their carrots and celery ever since.  I think we may rent this movie again soon!

Summer Has Arrived

Chronic Bronchiolitis

We finally have some answers about the little man and why he has been soooo sick for over 2 months!  Never heard of the diagnosis but just thankful for a game plan.  Bad news…it takes months to get over this which means months of 3 bad weeks and then 1 good week followed by 3 bad weeks and so on.Good news… he’s not contagious!So when you see us playing in public or at church and he has snot all over his face and is coughing up a lung, know your child can’t catch what he’s got.  Is that reassuring to you?  I hope so because I don’t think I can keep him quarantined indefinitely!

My Spiritual Journey

So the James Experiment was a bit difficult for me last week.   The experiment was to speak less, no grumbling, no multi-tasking, speaking only what is beneficial to others, and giving positive encouragement.  It sounded easy enough until last week came around.  Its been a long time since I’ve walked through an entire week as frustrated and discouraged as I was last week.  I failed in this experiment big time!  Just ask my hubby if you don’t believe me =)

So I’m trying again this week.  I wasn’t ready for all the attacks last week, but I’m ready this week.   So far so good.  Hopefully I won’t fail 2 weeks in a row!!!  I’m loving the James Experiment for this week as well.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.  Just click here.


  • Just started read Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur.  It seems good so far.  Hopefully I’ll be through a couple chapters by next week.
  • So rather than this 2 days a week get up at 5am, I think I’m going for 4 days a week.  It seems like if I don’t make it to the gym in the morning, I don’t make it at all.  So I’m getting up at 5am to spend some time with Jesus and then I’ll head to the gym or outside to run at 6am.   On Friday and Saturday, Brent and I try to go to the gym together and work out so I won’t go early on those days.  I’m pretty excited about running though.  We’ve been running about 3 miles so far and this week we’re going up to 4.  I’m not a great runner so this is WAY exciting for me.
  • Still reading in Mark…usually later in the day because I’ve been doing the James Experiment in the morning.
  • Trying to sit down and do a Prayer of Examen halfway through the day.  I’ve been a bit stressed about money lately so sitting down in the middle of the day with Jesus has been so incredibly helpful.

I think that’s about it for this week.  Enjoy your week and the beautiful sun outside!  As soon as the kids wake up, we’re off to play in the sprinklers!!  I love summer =)

Happy Birthday Martha!

She’s not only the best admin in the world

She also sewed our girls amazingly cute dresses

and the little man the incredible quilt pictured over the chair.   

She spoils us!

Martha, we love you and are so grateful you are part of our lives!!  Thank you for all that you do.  Happy Birthday