I haven’t been able to eat a meal in 9 weeks.

Yes, for 9 weeks, everytime food hits my stomach, I immediately end up in the bathroom.

And no, I’m not pregnant.

But I do have to wake up four hours before I need to be anywhere.  Yes, it takes me four hours of sitting in the bathroom sick before I am capable of going out of the house.

I’ve discovered that if I don’t eat anything, I tend to be less sick.  Very hungry, but less sick.  So that’s the plan for now.  Just don’t eat.

After a particular rough two days, I called the doctor again and the receptionist told me that since the problem had stayed the same for so long, it wasn’t urgent that I get in to be seen by the doctor this week, and she then refused to schedule me an appointment.   I asked three times if I could please come in, but she refused.  I must wait another week.

That, my friends, is not the thing to say to a woman who has not eaten in 9 weeks.

I cried as the receptionist reiterated my problem was not severe, and when she went on to say a couple more rude things, I hung up on her.  Yes, at 33 years of age, I actually hung up on someone.  I was so desperate for someone to help me, but instead I got someone who saw my problem as insignificant.  The tears came fast and I couldn’t speak, so I just hung up.

I wonder if that’s how most hurting people feel?

Just looking for a rope to grab onto.  Some sort of hope.  A possible solution.  They don’t need to be told there is no easy fix.  They just need to be respected.

The respect was missing from my conversation with the doctor’s office this morning, but I hope it is never missing from my voice as I encounter people who just need help.


Its been a while since I’ve added to my list on here.  In fact, I haven’t posted a whole lot the last few weeks.  Constant sickness and traveling have taken its toll.  As my emotions threaten to overtake my joy, I realized my public list must begin again. For truly living out and speaking thanksgiving is the beginning of all true joy.

151: Air conditioning.  Ours broke last week, and it is amazing how grouchy one can get when the house is in the 90’s!  So thankful it was easily fixed, and we can afford to run our air conditioning!

152: Helpful friends who have walked before me on this whole homeschool journey.

153: The Center for Home Education who supported me, showed me all the various curriculum I would need, and enabled me to buy most of the stuff I needed for Avery for under $40!

154: A clean shower

155: A fixed hole in the drywall

156: The ability to call a doctor and see one when I get sick

157: Good probiotics

158: Sweet kisses and hugs from my kids

159: Living within walking distance of the store

160: Finished laundry

161: A great friend that I can cry with, laugh with, pray with, rejoice with, and mourn with.  These friendships are hard to find.

162: A God who is trustworthy

163: The truth spoken through the scripture that can penetrate my heart and change me

164: Worshiping under my husband’s leadership on Sunday mornings.  I feel incredible lucky to worship under such a gifted man.

165: The joy that a simple fort in the family room can bring.  The hours of uninterrupted play have been much needed as I battle some stomach issues.

166: Writing out goals for next school year

167:  Grocery shopping as a family

168: Making cookies with the kids

169: Swimming in the heat

170:  My family



Pure Joy

The kids first time to an amusement park was such a picture of pure joy.

At the end of the ride, I asked, “J did you like the ride?”  He shook his head yes.   I then asked, “Do you want to go on it again?”  He burst into tears and said “no pease” over and over again.  Maybe a roller coaster in the dark is a bit much for a two year old!

Lesson learned.  Just because Adventureland does not enforce height limits does not mean that a responsible parent should not enforce the height limit.  I forgot that small little bodies jerk quite a bit while going upside down on roller coasters.   The girls only response at the end of the ride,  “that really hurt my neck mommy!”   Oops!

I absolutely love watching my kids experience things for the first time.  No expectations of what the experience should look like; it is just pure joy.

He’s Not Mad At You

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  Sometimes we get caught up in trying to be perfect or make the perfect decision. Sometimes we stress over things that shouldn’t be stressed over.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God’s arms are open to us.  Sometimes we need to remember that God is not mad at us.

Though others may push us away, God never will.  Though others may reject us, God never will.  Though others will disappoint us, God never will.

This song is one of my favorites and an incredible reminder to just Come As You Are to God.

Today I urge you to worship our Father who loves you dearly; who has chased after you; who desires you. Rejoice and seek Him wholeheartedly today.

New App

The last few weeks, Brent and I have been working on memorizing the same verses. In the past, we’ve each done our own thing, but in the quest for more accountability and for both of us to be meditating and discussing the same thing, we decided to start memorizing the same scripture together.

If you know my man, you know that when he starts a new project, he doesn’t just start it.  He researches, researches, and then puts a system in place that will guarantee success.

It was no different this time.  We decided to memorize the Fighter Verses from Desiring God’s ministries.  We already had all the note cards with the verses on them, but apparently note cards are so old school. And my husband doesn’t do old school.

So he found this app, and I laughed when he put it on our phones.  Laughed at how unnecessary I initially thought it was.  Laughed that he can make even scripture memory high tech.  Laughed that I just never go and search out new ways to do things and he ALWAYS searches out new ways to do things.  Laughed, but in the appreciative, I love how Brent’s mind works kind of way =)

But the point of the story is we are both using this great app to memorize scripture together.  Every Sunday, we switch the verse, and our verse becomes part of our conversations throughout the week.  It has been incredible to memorize together.

A few good things about this app:

  1. I always have my phone with me so can always review the verse
  2. The verse is set as my wallpaper so anytime I turn my phone on, I see the verse and am reminded to learn it and apply it
  3. Both of us learning the verses together creates great accountability.
  4. There are over 500 verses so it will take us quite a while to work through all of them
  5. There are quizzes to help ensure that I’m learning the verse
  6. For the ESV version, there are songs available to help in memorization

I’m sure there’s tons more reasons, but those are my main ones.

All that to say, if you have an IPhone, an IPad, an iTouch, or an Android and are looking for a way to push you to memorize scripture, you should get the Fighter Verses App.  It is a wonderful tool!

Why I love the 4th of July

The Urbandale parade, followed by lunch at Famous Daves, followed by mom’s birthday celebration, followed by sparklers on the front yard.  Seriously, can holidays get much better than this?

Where to Begin?

I have three sisters. Three beautiful, lovely sisters whom I adore.

In fact, if I didn’t have sisters, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t need a cell phone or at least a texting plan. I always tell Brent to cut back on our minutes and then he forces me to look at the bill and I realize it is ME using all our minutes and texts talking to my sisters and mom!

All that to say, I LOVE my sisters and any excuse to get to hang out with them makes me happy.

But there is one tiny little problem. Two of them live in Iowa and one lives in Illinois. Makes get togethers a little tricky.

So when my older sister asked me to come up for a week and hang out with her and her kids while her husband was out of town, I only had to think about it for a few seconds before I said yes.  Brent and I and the kids were already planning on going up for the fourth of July so it just meant I would go a week early and Brent would come later. Even the thought of driving 13 hours with all three kids by myself didn’t squash the excitement.

So I took off and the first seven hours of the drive went perfectly. The last five hours were pretty rough, but we made it and my week of fun began!

My sister and I got married within a couple months of each other. Then we had our first kid within 6 weeks of each other. So for the last 8 years, every time we have been together, adult conversation has been next to impossible. We are usually chasing a kid, nursing a kid, changing a diaper, or trying to get a kid to sleep. Plus factor in those pregnancy hormones and lets just say we were past due for some good quality sister time. I’d say living together for 14 days qualifies as good sister time!

I prayed the six kids would get along. I prayed Jana and I would have fun together. I prayed we wouldn’t be a burden on her and her house. I prayed so many things and the Lord answered above and beyond. I truly cannot put into words how special the time at her house was and how much I miss waking up and hanging out with her today!

Avery actually told me over our morning snack that Uncle Mark was really nice and he would probably let us move into his house if we wanted to go back to Aunt Jana’s =) Needless to say, even after 14 days of sleeping on air mattresses, the kids were sad to leave their cousins!

All that to say, thanks Jana for an incredible two weeks full of fun and great memories.  I am so grateful for your hospitality and friendship!  What do you say for making this our new tradition =)


14 Days of Fun

I lost my camera cord somewhere on vacation so thought I would tease the family with a few videos  of the trip instead.  I was going to just post my favorite video, but then I couldn’t decide between the beach fun,  the four girls giggling on the Hopper, Laura screaming on the Space Shot, Sidney dancing at the parade, Brian’s beautiful song in the piano room (I have the whole version for those who are interested!), and my daughter blowing out the candles on my mom’s birthday cake.

Too many good moments to narrow them down to a favorite.  So I’m pulling my daughter’s cope out and saying they were all my favorite so I’m posting them all.  Enjoy =)



Are you ever just curious about what God is doing?  Do you ever just wonder about His next step in  your life?  I do.  Not in the anxious, worried kind of curious.  But more in the trusting, I know He’s up to something and I can’t wait for it to be revealed kind of curious.

Maybe a bit like a little kid at Christmas waiting to unwrap a package.  The kid knows it will be the perfect present, but having to wait for mom and dad to get coffee, the camera, and the perfect set-up before you can open the present really intensifies the desire to open that present.

Its almost exciting to wait sometimes isn’t it?  To wait for an answer.  To wait for God to be God.  To wait to watch Him work.  To wait for Him to reveal himself.  Just to wait knowing that He is good and can be trusted.

Then  you read this

But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day  2 Peter 3:8

Waiting for a thousand years doesn’t seem as exciting does it?  I’ve waited for an answer for over a year now and to think of waiting until death before I get an answer just isn’t all that exciting.

But yet I am in the waiting mode.  And I still find that waiting is exciting.  Because it seems that even in the waiting, the Lord moves.  Even while I’m waiting for the big answer, the Lord speaks about all the little things.  Even when I wonder when my “thousand years” will be up, I look around me and see the Lord using me in different areas.  Yes, waiting is exciting because I see God preparing me for whatever His eventual answer may be to me.

I really do find joy in the waiting.

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,

and in his word I hope;

my soul waits for the Lord

more than watchmen for the morning,

more than watchmen for the morning.

Psalm 130:5-6




The Mind of a Five Year Old

Avery: “What does it mean “Jesus is the light of the world?”

I explained….

Avery: “How do you walk in Light then?”

I explained…

Avery: “So how will you never walk in darkness again then?”

I explained…

She sat quiet for a few minutes and then…

Avery: “This isn’t the same thing as me saying I’m going to go into my bedroom and turn on the light though is it?”


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