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Getting Big

This week…Justus has tasted his first lemon
It took 3 sleepless nights, but his first tooth has finally broken through!
And he learned to say the letter d. Daddy is going to feel special to hear “da da da da” greet him when he gets home next week!

Saturday Fun

So no posts for a week; needless to say, its been a busy roller coaster of a week!But today was the highlight of the week, Avery’s b-day party. Her actual b-day was last week, so she got a full week of birthday celebration! Fun times. For her birthday, she decided she wanted to bring cupcakes to school, a castle cake and to play Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light with her friends. So we…

took cupcakes to school on Monday
And then today at her b-day party, we played Red Light, Green Light

Simon Says
Rock, Rock, Be A Rock
Ate some castle cake
Opened some cool presentshit open a pinata full of candy
Ate some hotdogs and fruit
played a little Wii with our best friends who now live in Austin.
fell into bed exhausted
and then we ended the evening with a great dinner and a little ice cream for the two birthday girls! (Brent’s mom’s b-day is today as well!)Who could ask for a better 4th birthday =)

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

Its so hard to believe!!! She’s 4 yrs old today!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were making decisions about buying a house and quitting my job so I could become a stay at home mom? Wasn’t it just yesterday I sat in the hospital looking at my daughter thinking to myself “am I really a mom now?” Wasn’t it just yesterday that I suddenly learned how much my heart could love another being? Wasn’t it just yesterday that you learned to smile and then laugh and then crawl and walk and talk and develop a personality?

Now here you are, the most tender-hearted person I know. You take care of your brother and sister with a maturity and love that overwhelms me. And you still have the ability to crawl into my lap, bury your head in my chest, and make my heart melt.

I’m often shocked at your ability to learn new things and analyze ideas, and then forced into laughter when I see you writing your name, whistling like a pro, counting in Spanish all with your shoes on the wrong feet. We just can’t master those shoes =) When I point out the shoes to you, you just laugh and say “those silly shoes. Why does Elliana always know what foot to put her shoe on?” Because Elliana sees life in shapes and colors. So far, you see life in letters and numbers. You are my problem solver and there isn’t a problem out there that you don’t think you can solve! Oh the places you’ll go with that determination and those thinking skills. This is one proud (and maybe a little biased) momma saying I love you more than all the pink ice cream in the world. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!

Here’s a little video of my big girl being a great big sister this morning.

Reminds Me of the Cosby Show

Avery talking about how Connor and Bryce were going to come to her birthday party.

Me: “Do you remember that Connor and Bryce moved away? Its a long drive to come to our house. I’m not sure they can come.”

A: she got sad for a minute and then said in her excited voice, “I know. Can’t we just find 2 kids and call them Connor and Bryce and bring them to the party? They can just pretend to be my best friend and at least I’ll have a Connor and Bryce at my party. “

I probably should have been a good mom and talked this through with her. But I couldn’t help but picture Rudy from The Cosby Show telling Kenny his name was now Bud.

Anyone else remember that episode? How could you forget the line “my name’s not Bud, its Kenny.”

Okay, maybe its just me that loves that episode. But I bet everyone loves this one. Click here to see one of the greats =)

It Makes My Heart Smile

I bent over to give her a kiss on her forehead at nap time. Suddenly I felt two little arms wrap around my neck and pull me down to the bed.

“Mommy, will you be my stuffed animal at nap today?”

Who would have thought being asked to be a stuffed animal could bring me so much joy =)

You know Its Been a Long Few Days When…

Half way into Wal Mart tonight, Avery looked at my feet and said “Are those your slippers you’re wearing?”

“ummmm, yes they are.” As I looked at my feet, I suddenly realized not only had I forgotten shoes, I had also forgotten to put on a bra, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. The window of opportunity to get out of the house without all the kids is so slim that I guess I jumped at the opportunity tonight a little too quickly!

For two seconds I thought about going home, but the thought of having to come back to Wal Mart with all 3 kids next week was enough to motivate me to just go in the store regardless of my appearance. I walked through those automatic doors praying I wouldn’t see anyone I knew!

So yes, from now on I will never judge another disheveled looking woman who looks like she is wearing her PJs while shopping at Wal Mart. Maybe she had been stuck in the house for 2 days with sick kids and was just anxious to be out too.

Check it Out

Whenever you have time, you should read this blog.

Her journey is inspiring.

Garage Sale Day

Wednesday I woke up and decided this weekend I was going to do a garage sale. I advertised on Craig’s List, threw everything into organized piles in the garage, and got ready.

Almost everything sold! Praise God. One quick trip to Good Will with all the stuff that didn’t sell and all of the junk is out of the house!The perfect end to the morning was some friends dropping by with lunch for the family. Lunch with friends and some extra cash…you can’t get a better morning than that!

Where’s my Apron?

10 years ago I would have told you I was going to be a high profile lawyer who was unmarried and had no kids. I would be traveling the world telling others about Christ and making a huge difference. I majored in English Education for the sole purpose of having the freedom to live anywhere in the world I wanted to and get a job.

5 years ago I would have told you that I would soon be moving to China with my husband. We wouldn’t be having kids anytime soon; we were going to tell others about Jesus and change the world. To quote my best friends and I from college “life is to short to live boringly” would have been my mantra.

Currently, I am married. I have 3 kids, I stay home, I drive a mini van, and I have found a new love for cooking things from scratch. My how dreams and life choices change in 10 years!

But as I sit here enjoying my home made granola bars and my home made whole wheat bread while listening to my girls giggle at each other, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Well, maybe I would change taking out the poopy diaper trash, but other than that, praise God that He leads my life and not me =)

Just Because…

it made me smile
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