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Its Been a Bit Quiet

Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t really posted in a while?  At least not with the frequency I used to.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to do with this blog.  Its been a good outlet for me for the past 5 years, but I think my blogging days are going on a hiatus for a bit.

I’m not sure how long the hiatus will be, but for now, I’m off line for awhile.

Well, let me clarify.  I LOVE to read, so I’ll still post the occasional book review so I can still get the free books, but other than that, I’m taking a break.  And I already took the site down from facebook, so no more facebook updates from the blog.

So for all of you who have read, commented, encouraged, and loved on me through this blog over the years, THANK YOU!!!  Your encouragement has meant so much to me!

Keep chasing God with everything you are and remember, obedience to Him is ALWAYS the best option.

Until next time…..




“I drew this for you Grandma!!!

And look, I even gave you all your legs.”



Dance Recital

They were both in the same class this semester so here they both are in the tap and ballet routines.

For ballet, Avery is the 4th from the left and Elliana is the 2nd from the right

In the tap routine, Avery is 4th from the right and Elliana is 6th from the right.

First Practice

A bunch of 4 year olds on a basketball court is simply a bunch of cuteness.  Too cute not to share in fact =)


I think I’m really going to enjoy this basketball season!

It Fell Out!

Today we were at a friend’s house and Avery’s tooth was just begging to come out.   It was so lose she couldn’t talk, eat, or even play.  She finally decided that Misty could pull it, but I was not allowed to touch it.  So out it came =)


Another First

I guess the whole Kindergarten year is full of firsts.  First time reading, first time tying her shoes, first loose tooth, and now her first piano recital!  This post probably only interests the grandparents and this proud momma, but here is our little Avery at her first piano recital over Thanksgiving break.


If you notice it was a very small recital! The advantages of teaching her myself. The recital was only a few minutes long =)

She also attempted to play her first duet with Nana. Pretty fun!

How My Two Boys Bond

A little glimpse at what the Minter boys do for fun.


Until I had a little boy of my own, I never knew that anything and everything could be a drum and drum sticks.   Justus usually plays drums at least 60% of the day, and most of the time he starts playing and states, “I practice for when daddy needs me on stage.”

One day, little man.  One day.

My Little Rule Follower

She informed me the other day that she thinks next year she needs to go to “real” school and not just home school.

Apparently she was talking to one of her friends who attends public school and discovered they only have ONE recess break during the day.    However, during our homeschool, I give her LOTS of breaks during the day.  Her thinking is that because she gets lots of breaks and the other kindergarteners at the “real” school only get one break, she is convinced I’m doing school wrong.  In fact, she told me I’m completely breaking all the rules and so just has to go to a “real” school next year.

Just thought I’d document this moment so I can show it to her next year after she discovers how much she likes having only ONE break a day =)




A Little Fun

Homemade pumpkin pie, decorating pumpkins, roasting and planting some seeds, dance parties, and spending the rest of the night with my hubby.  A great night together before I fly out in the morning.

The next time you hear from me I’ll be in another time zone!   Will you please pray for the next 24 hours for our travel?   I can’t wait to tell you all about  everything God teaches me and what He does while we are there.   I’m expecting great things.


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