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101. 12 hours in a car with my family. The conversations and memories are priceless

102: My sister’s excitement over helping me plan my daughter’s 4th birthday party

103: Being in Iowa for a week. My sisters and their families are so precious to me and I love when we get to spend time with them.

104: Big grins as she opens up presents from her cousins, aunts, and uncles.

105: The support and love of a family
106: The joy that comes from swinging a bat at a pinata

107: The even greater joy when the pinata breaks!

108: Good coffee

109: A good night’s sleep

110: Talking with my sisters

111: My kids planning “suprises” for me all day long to show me they love me

112: Teaching little ones to play baseball

113: Vacation

114: Afternoon naps

115: Time spent with my mom

116: The sunshine

117: A little boy who constantly says “watch this mom” and then proceeds to make some sort of explosion noise as his hands shoot into the air

118: Cuddles at night from sleepy eyed children

119: The wonders of diggers. Seeing road construction through the eyes of a two year old makes even the longest delay fun.

120: A husband who will fly back up for a day so he can make the 15 hour car trip home with me.

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91. Making our Easter mountain with the kids to help prepare our hearts for this Easter week
92. Watching the kids paint and listening to them “discuss” what Easter is all about
93. Acting out the “Triumphal Entry”. The amount of dolls it took to create the “crowd” for Jesus to ride through just made my heart smile.
94. Making a cake for a dear friends wedding shower. Watching her count down the days to her wedding is such a good reminder of the joy and wonder of marriage!
95. Chilly mornings where jackets are a must.

96. An unexpected email that allows me to purchase some fun presents for the moms and grandmas in my life.

97. The Revive Carnival
98. The stillness of the early morning

99. The sun setting between the clouds.

100. A clean kitchen.

The Next 15 things.

76.  Quiet mornings reading the Word

77. Opening up this website and seeing my husband’s song being promoted to worship leaders everywhere.   When the CD was released, it signified an end to the 8 months of hard work and sacrifices.  When I see one of his songs being pushed in Worship Leaders magazine, I am overwhelmed  at what God is doing through Brent’s hard work and sacrifice.  It is a blessing to watch God move!

78.  A doctor who is knowledgeable and will help fix my knee.

79.   A receptionist who graciously was able to schedule an MRI for a time when the nursery was open at church so I didn’t have to pay for childcare.

80. A husband who takes care of the family so I can lay down and ice my knee

81. A family yard work day.  Watching the kids pick up piles of leaves and contribute to the family is heart warming!

82. Two year old birthday parties!  The little man’s friend had a party over the weekend.  There is such joy in watching tons of kids freely and joyfully playing and laughing with each other.

83. The satisfaction of driving by our yard and seeing the 10 yard bags lining the street.  Full yard bags equal completed yard work!

84.  Rain in the middle of the night.

85. Girls who stumble out of bed and onto my lap every morning.  Their sleepy eyes and crazy hair make me smile every morning.

86. A friend spending her evening taking pictures of my kids in the bluebonnets.

87. The little guy walking into his nursery room without crying.

88. A breakfast date with my husband where we can talk and laugh and just enjoy our morning together.

89.  Sitting through a meeting with my husband that both inspires us and teaches us how to parent and love our children better

90.  God providing a solution to a decision Brent and I couldn’t agree on.  After 4 months of discussing it and praying over it, God brought about a solution that is much better than the one either of us could have imagined.

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61. Sleeping kids after an early morning jolt by the fire alarm.

62. A successful garage sale that led to a clean garage.  Life feels less chaotic when the garage is clean!

63.  Connecting with an old friend

64. Waking up with energy to clean the house

65.  The Holy Spirit living inside me giving me the strength and power to abide in Christ today.

66. A weekend spent outside playing and chatting with neighbors.

67. Great friends that drop everything to pray with me.

68. A messy kitchen.  A good reminder of the fun that was had by all over the past few days.

69.  The first words out of little man’s mouth last night when I picked him up from the nursery were “played with Ana momma.”  He adores his big sister and gets so excited when her class goes to the park at the same time as his.  I love the bond between these two.

70.  Sitting in the rocking chair with my son and listening to him “tell” me all about his day.  I only understand half of what he says, but the joy on his face is enough to make my heart feel like its bursting with love.

71.  Watching the girls make and sell cookies at the garage sale.  They were so excited to be working and earning money to pay for their snow cones later that day.  I think their joy and enthusiasm stopped many cars that may have just drove on otherwise =)

72. The kids babysitter, and a friend of mine, who came over to help with the garage sale because she knew Brent wasn’t able to help.  She gave up her whole Saturday to sit with me, make cookies with the girls, and help.

73. A fire alarm we now are definitely sure works.

74. My husband who gets up early to spend time with the Lord even though he is not feeling well.

75.  The willingness of a young mom to allow me to bring her to a Bible study.

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46. Quiet mornings reading the Bible where the Lord reminds me and says “You who fear the Lord, praise him!”

47. Friends who spend their Saturday helping me organize for an upcoming garage sale

48. The willingness of  a friend to watch my children so I can be free to invest in a teen mom.

49.  Opening my home to hurting parents and listening to my husband pray over them.

50. The tired feeling that comes after multiple late nights spent in prayer and ministry

51. A sister who loves me enough to call and check on me

52. Cool breezes and rain

53. Watching my daughter’s face when she sees the flowers she plants bloom

54. Hearing my son apologize and then watching him show us what gentle hands are supposed to look like.

55. The giggles of four little girls as they run through the sprinklers in the back yard

56.  The hard lesson that my son had to learn over the weekend when he disobeyed.  His sad face but understanding eyes are a reminder to me that discipline is welcomed and needed even by the youngest family member.

57.  Watching a good friend’s youngest child get baptized.  The joy in the child’s face brought tears to my eyes.

58. Waking up to the bird’s chirping.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

59. The opportunity to speak at MOPs last week.  I feel alive when God gives me opportunities to teach other women about Him.

60. The reminder in scripture that God “has made known to me the paths of life; you will make me full of gladness with your presence.” No matter what today brings, submitting to God and walking in His presence will make me full of gladness.

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