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Dance Recital

They were both in the same class this semester so here they both are in the tap and ballet routines.

For ballet, Avery is the 4th from the left and Elliana is the 2nd from the right

In the tap routine, Avery is 4th from the right and Elliana is 6th from the right.

The Secret’s Out

These two adorable little girls were chatting about their favorite restaurants today at lunch. I simply asked if they liked eating in restaurants or eating at home better.

They giggled as they looked in each other’s eyes. You know the sister look. The look that says some sort of words but no one but the two of them know what those words are.

I asked them to speak with words and not with their eyes and so the oldest replied with a smile.

“We like eating in restaurants so we don’t have to cook.

I reminded her that she didn’t do the cooking; I did.

Again with the smile and then, “But if you have to cook you always say, ‘Give me a minute, I’m thinking‘ and then we can’t talk to you.”

This was followed by a big explosion of giggles from the table. Apparently they have noticed that mommy needs a little peace and quiet in order to prepare dinner. Apparently they have figured out that if we can just go out to a restaurant, they never have to be quiet.

Smart little kids.

This is WAY too long

Elliana got out of the car after her first gymnastics “meet”, looked at her medal and said to the medal, “I never got a medal before.  I love you medal. (kisses the medal) I just KNEW I would earn you today

Two Main Reasons I am Really Impressed with My Kiddos Today:

1: Elliana is 3 yrs old.  This is a 5 yr. old class.  She works her little tail off to stay up with the other kids and I love watching her work hard and never ever ever give up

2. We came home and discovered Avery had a fever of 102.8.  I thought she didn’t look quite like herself during the meet, but she never complained once.  She finished what she started, pushed through feeling sick, and was so proud of herself at the end.

I love watching them gain that feeling of satisfaction that comes after having worked hard to accomplish a goal!

Love watching it to the extent that I think you should all be blessed with the privilege of watching a 7 minute video of my kids =) Enjoy


Avery is sick and has been quarantined to my bedroom to sleep and watch cartoons all day.

Elliana’s view of the day was revealed tonight as she got ready for bed:

Mom, I sure do love Avery. (long pause) But I really wish I was the one in the room watching cartoons.”

It seems being sick is a privilege around here.


The middle child ran screaming into our room the other night about 3:30am.

Usually bad dreams involve barely awake crying from the bed and either Brent or I just have to walk in there, lay them back down, kiss them, and walk out.

Not this night.  This was a real live bad dream that had her breathing quickly and her eyes wide.

I took her to the couch and she said, “there was a pirate and he was stealing ALL the music and he WOULDN’T LET ME SING! Yup, not allowing Elliana to sing is the worst dream this girl could possibly imagine.

The next morning she looked at me and said “Satan tried to make me sad last night, but then we prayed and God kept all those bad thoughts about no music away from me.  God is good mommy.”

This girl keeps me on my toes.

Another Milestone

I did it.  I sent my first born to preschool this week.  I didn’t even cry  =)She was ecstatic to say the least.  She packed her bag the night before she was so excited.  I tried not to think about it.

She was very patient with mom as I took picture after picture.  Her brother and sister complained quite a bit about the sun though.  I told them to suck it up, my baby was starting preschool =)She got a little apprehensive when she approached her classroom, but her teacher is so sweet and got her started right away on a project which helped the transition a bit.  By the end of the day, she wanted to know why she only gets to go 2 days a week instead of 3 days.  I guess that means she had fun. To celebrate how big she is getting, she got to choose the activities for the evening.  She chose Chinese food for dinner.  I even offered Chuck E Cheese, but she was set on Chinese food.  A girl after my own heart.And of course, the night wouldn’t be a true celebration if we didn’t stop for some ice cream!The whole family enjoyed Avery’s final choice for our evening activity.Happy first day of preschool sweet girl!!  We love you and are so excited for you as you step into this new phase of life!

Big Sisters Turn

This summer I have watched my little girl turn into a big girl.  It seems like weekly Brent and I are looking at each other with our mouths hanging open saying “look at her.  She’s so big!”

Avery, this summer you have learned most of your letter sounds and how to sound out a few words.  You LOOOOOVE to sit and “do school”.  Partly because it is one on one time with mommy and you love the one on one time, but partly because of how God made you.  Anything where you can learn and figure out problems, you want to do it.  The girl just loves to learn and figure things out!

You also have a new passion for telling everyone about Jesus.  Usually after checking out at a store, you will grab my arm as we walk away from the cashier and say “mom, why didn’t you ask her if she knows Jesus? ” Most of the time its a bit convicting for  mommy!  You also recently had a bit of an argument with a neighbor kid about the fact that God made him and God made him perfect.  The neighbor kid wasn’t agreeing with you, but you stood your ground and were adamant about telling him about Jesus.  Later you said to me, “_____ knows who Jesus is but he doesn’t think God made him.  Can you talk to him tomorrow mom?  He needs to know.” I pray you always have this much of a passion for sharing truth with your friends.

One of your recent accomplishments was learning to ride your bike without training wheels!  We tried a few months ago, but we got distracted by a little brother who kept wanting to run into the street!  So last week, I took the training wheels off again and YOU TOOK OFF!  You didn’t need me to teach you or hold the bike or run after you; you just did it!  By the time daddy got home from work that night, you learned how to take off on the bike all by yourself and are now fearless.

I think Sports Camp is what put me over the edge this summer though.  Watching you look so big out on that soccer field all by yourself sent your mommy into tears.  You have had so much fun going every night and learning from your coaches.   Then, you’ll get in the car at the end of the night and have “grown-up” conversations with me…the ones that don’t require me to ask any questions, but to just sit and listen to you tell stories about your night and ask me about my night.

Avery, I don’t know what we would do without you in this family!  Thank you for being who God made you to be.  I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Here’s a little video about Avery over the past few weeks.  Enjoy =)

Flower Girls

The hair fiasco turned out to be not so bad.  A few curls, a head band to hide the bald spots, and a big flower made my beautiful girl into a beautiful flower girl.They were excellent flower girls. They both made sure that the ENTIRE center aisle was covered in flowers for the bride to walk down.   We ended the evening with Elliana running up to me saying “Now I’m married!!!!!” as she jumped up and down with a big smile on her face.  I told her she couldn’t be married because she hadn’t finished college yet…brainwashing at its finest =)

My husband officiated the wedding so while 3 of our clan stood on stage, the little man and I hung out in the back row.  I have a niece 6 months older than Justus who sat back there with us.  She talked the whole time while the little man snuggled with me and I reflected on the differences between boys and girls.  At Justus’ age, my girls would have asked questions and commented through the whole wedding too.  Not this little man.  Just give him food and a lap and he doesn’t say a word.  Yes, having a boy as the third kid may have its advantages.  Boys may be more active but so far they seem to be quiet about it.  My ears like the quiet.

To see the rest of the pictures from the wedding, click here or watch the slide show below

Recital Videos

The videos are from dress rehearsal…no filming during the actual performance =(

A little tap and then ballet performance from Avery. She looks confused during ballet mainly because the girls were standing on the wrong dot and my little rule follower couldn’t dance because she kept looking at the girls who weren’t following the rules =)

We had a talk that night and decided that for the actual recital, even if the other girls didn’t stand on the right dot, Avery should just dance anyway. Luckily she took my advice on Saturday! The first thing she said when she came off stage on Saturday was, “did you see me just keep dancing even though everyone was on the wrong dot?” You gotta love a little rule follower =)
Followed by a little ballet performance by Els. If you wonder why all the girls keep pushing their tutus out of the way and looking at the floor, they each had a colored dot they were supposed to stand on. The tutus were too big for them to see the dot! Makes the performance that much cuter =)

Sorry about the shaky video! I was trying to take pictures while videoing =)
The actual recital was so fun. The girls did great on that huge stage all by themselves. Neither one of them really got nervous but just enjoyed themselves and the whole experience.
Because the girls were in 2 different recitals, we ended up being at the auditorium from 12:30pm-5:30pm which is a loooong time to keep a 14 month old quiet!
After the recitals were over and we had taken as many pictures as we could, we ended the evening with a little dinner at Cheddars
Followed by the girls’ favorite dessert.
It was a great weekend of dance. I’m so proud of you girls for all your hard work and for finishing what you started!! You did an incredible job!


The conversation was revolving around Avery going to preschool next year.

I made the comment to Elliana: “When Avery goes to kindergarten, that’s when you’ll go to preschool.”Elliana started crying and said.  “But if Avery’s not at preschool with me, who’s going to take care of me?”

Even after explaining, she wasn’t convinced the teachers could care for her quite as well as her big sis could.

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