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Christmas Traditions

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday was the first time I have ever had my children raise their right hand and repeat,

“I am not a monkey.  I am a child.”

Unfortunately for the many mattress stores we visited, the message never truly sunk into their pretty little heads, and I’m now fairly certain we got a good deal on a mattress simply because the sales person wanted us out of their store. Sometimes having restless kids has its perks.

Unfortunately for my kiddos, I was determined to get the mattress home by myself and not pay for delivery.

Yes, that is my awesome mini van and a child crawling through “the secret passageway” in order to get to their car seats.

In our house, if you call something “a secret passageway” they will think it is totally awesome and will forget about all the totally unawesome stuff going on.

Like driving with a heavy mattress on your head.  This is the view from the back of the car, but don’t worry,  I kept talking to them while I drove to make sure they were still breathing.

Once we were all settled in the minivan, I remembered that Target had bedding on clearance and that I had no extra sheets for a twin bed.  So we pulled into the Target parking lot, and I silently prayed my children were able to get out of the car without moving the mattress.

We only got a few stares  as I tried to figure out how to unbuckle the kids and show them the teeny tiny opening they could use to crawl out from under the mattress.  Getting back into the car and carseats after Target was also a pretty fun show for anyone who happened to be standing around.

But we made it home, I got the box spring and the frame down from the attic, moved it all into his bedroom, got everything set up, and then realized I was too tired to enforce the whole “don’t get out of your bed” thing.  So he went back into his crib.

We’ll start the whole bed training thing tonight, but don’t let that cute little grin fool you.  I’ve already heard him whisper to his sisters that he’ll come see them when mom leaves the room.

This transition should be fun.

The Secret’s Out

These two adorable little girls were chatting about their favorite restaurants today at lunch. I simply asked if they liked eating in restaurants or eating at home better.

They giggled as they looked in each other’s eyes. You know the sister look. The look that says some sort of words but no one but the two of them know what those words are.

I asked them to speak with words and not with their eyes and so the oldest replied with a smile.

“We like eating in restaurants so we don’t have to cook.

I reminded her that she didn’t do the cooking; I did.

Again with the smile and then, “But if you have to cook you always say, ‘Give me a minute, I’m thinking‘ and then we can’t talk to you.”

This was followed by a big explosion of giggles from the table. Apparently they have noticed that mommy needs a little peace and quiet in order to prepare dinner. Apparently they have figured out that if we can just go out to a restaurant, they never have to be quiet.

Smart little kids.

Its Happening!

Two weeks ago, I still had a baby.

Now the little guy wears underwear and goes on a pottyCombine a haircut with the undies, and it looks like a little BOY walking around my houseTo make matters worse, someone taught him about pronouns, and he looked at me this morning and said,  “hold you…no…hold ME”.   I think my heart broke just a bit.I’m not ready to give up my baby yet!


One of my beautiful children looked at my husband and I last week and stated, “I think I’m going to work on breaking my habit of picking my nose.  I seem to pick it a lot.”

After trying not to make eye contact with Brent or choke on the drink I was drinking at the time, I calmly nodded and told this child I thought that would be a great idea.

A few days ago this child, who will remain nameless, came to me and said, “I can’t seem to stop picking my nose.  Its just so fun.  Maybe if I put money in my pocket to remind me not to pick my nose, it will help me stop. Then, every time I pick my nose during the day, I have to give money back, and if I don’t pick my nose, I get to keep the money.” (this idea came from a Berenstain Bear book we had read that morning in case you are now thinking my child is a genius.)

I’m happy to report the child is now a millionaire and all nose picking has ceased.  The other two children, on the other hand, now pick their nose in front of this child and giggle.


We’ve been planting grass seeds this month.  The kids only get to plant seeds when they show kindness or love to each other.   Needless to say, I frequently am told throughout the day reasons why one of them should get to plant more seeds.Fast forward to this morning…The middle child comes running, “mom, can I put more grass seeds in my pot? Justus was using the water in the potty to brush his teeth and I took his tooth brush and cleaned it off on your shirt and then brushed his teeth with it. Do I get grass seeds for that?”
I guess so???

Better Late than Never

It was our first year to trick or treat, and it was a blast!  We’ve done the whole day time fall festival stuff, just never walked the streets for some reason.  But this year, the kids are all old enough to push through bed time a bit, understand what goes on with trick or treating, and have fun so we hyped up trick or treating all week long and by Sunday, the kids could hardly contain themselves they were so excited. This year we have Super A, Super E, and an elephant.  Pretty cute if I do say so myself =)By the third house, even Justus had the routine down.  Knock on the door, open the bag, and say thank you.  I think the kid ate 7 suckers while we were out.  He was in heaven!The girls got to eat as much as they wanted while we were out on the streets; then when we got home, we put half of it back into our candy bowl and the girls handed it back out to neighbors.  We went through all of the candy I bought plus all of their candy in about 35 minutes!   I think they had just as much fun handing out candy to the neighbors as they did trick or treating. Such a fun time meeting new neighbors, creating new memories, and eating tons of chocolate.  Now I’m off to bag up the remaining candy to take to Brent’s office.  That chocolate keeps calling my name so it needs to leave this house!


The middle child ran screaming into our room the other night about 3:30am.

Usually bad dreams involve barely awake crying from the bed and either Brent or I just have to walk in there, lay them back down, kiss them, and walk out.

Not this night.  This was a real live bad dream that had her breathing quickly and her eyes wide.

I took her to the couch and she said, “there was a pirate and he was stealing ALL the music and he WOULDN’T LET ME SING! Yup, not allowing Elliana to sing is the worst dream this girl could possibly imagine.

The next morning she looked at me and said “Satan tried to make me sad last night, but then we prayed and God kept all those bad thoughts about no music away from me.  God is good mommy.”

This girl keeps me on my toes.

The Middle Child

I come to write to our 2nd child, and I could fill up an entire page and feel like I still haven’t described her just right.  Elliana is the most tender-hearted child and loves to take care of her babies and stuffed animals and her brother, but she is also pretty strong and if you get in her way while she is doing any of the previously mentioned things, watch out.  Especially if she thinks Justus is in trouble or about to get hurt.  If little brother is anywhere close to being in danger, Elliana becomes a mama bear ready to do anything necessary, even pick the little guy up by his neck, to save him.

Els also is extremely creative and loves to live life outside of the box.  She always has a story to tell and a smile on her lips.   She can make even the most serious person smile or laugh, and her eyes can light up an entire room.  She doesn’t like to be the center of attention like Avery does; she would rather play with all the good toys while everyone else is worried about getting attention.  Most of the time, we say she has her own little universe that seems way more fun than the one most of us live in!  Life is a party for Elliana and wherever Elliana goes, she takes that party with her.

This summer, I have seen her grow up so much.  She went from not liking the water to doing tricks going down the slides.  She began the summer scared to try to swim in the deep end and now is swimming all over the deep end with just a noodle.  She has mastered riding the bike, even with all the uneven sidewalks around here!  She is also incredibly independent and prefers to do most things on her own.  She likes to wear clothes inside out or backwards because she likes the pockets that go on your bottom to be in front so she can put “treasures” in them.

Elliana, your tenderness towards others, your excitement towards life, and your love of all things adventurous is something to be admired.  I thank God he put you in our family and pray that you will come to know Him and have a relationship with Him.  Your prayers lately have consisted of things such as “Jesus, help me not to be scared when a bear comes at me because I know that you are always with me and will protect me from getting eaten.” Although the prayer made your dad and I smile, I pray that this understanding and awareness of the goodness of Christ will never leave you.  You are our sunshine, and I’m so grateful you are a part of our family.  Thanks for pushing your older sister out of her box, for taking care of your younger brother, and, most of all, for just being you.  We love you!!

Here’s a short video of Elliana over the past couple of weeks. I think min 4-5 show her personality the best.   Enjoy =)

The Little Guy

Since this blog serves as a baby book for the kiddos, I thought I would take a few posts and remind myself about each kid over the past few months.  I’ll start with the baby since he officially turned 16 months old this past week!  Its hard to believe he’s that big already! =)

Justus:     Some of your favorite things this summer are: Reading with your sister (who is actually starting to read…a little…but we’ll save that for her post =) )And having tea parties with the other sister
You have also started making this face right before you have to go to the bathroom.  You come find me, scrunch up your nose, and start sniffing.  I’ll ask you “do you need to go poo poo?”  and you’ll shake your head yes.  I have yet to put you on the potty to go though.  You middle sister did the same thing at 15 months and anyone who knows her knows how that has turned out for us.  So you still go in your diaper, but usually as soon as you are done, you go and bring me a diaper and continually say “biper, biper, biper”  over and over again until I’ll stop and change you.  Your sisters never cared if they were poopy, but you certainly do!You recently learned to climb up that bunk bed ladder.  Mommy was quite surprised when I walked in the room to find you on the top rung of the ladder.  15 months is too early to learn such things!   But your motto is “anything your sisters can do, you can do too.”  Which means you have figured out how to climb to the top bunk, up onto the trampoline, on top of the computer desk, onto the couch, into the car and car seat, and so much  more.  But you do it all with a smile.  Sometimes that smile makes it hard to discipline you!You also are quite the cuddle bug.  You LOOOVE your white blanket and just giggle with excitement whenever I say its time to go get it from your bed.  You have to have it over my left should before you’ll lay down your head and cuddle before bedtime. I need to take pictures of this one day!

Overall, you are just our happy go lucky, free spirited, rambunctious little boy whom we love whole-heartedly.   We couldn’t imagine life without you!  Happy 16 month birthday little man =)Here is a little video of our little man at 15 months old!  Its just a lot of him playing with the things he likes.  Enjoy =)

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