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My Little Rule Follower

She informed me the other day that she thinks next year she needs to go to “real” school and not just home school.

Apparently she was talking to one of her friends who attends public school and discovered they only have ONE recess break during the day.    However, during our homeschool, I give her LOTS of breaks during the day.  Her thinking is that because she gets lots of breaks and the other kindergarteners at the “real” school only get one break, she is convinced I’m doing school wrong.  In fact, she told me I’m completely breaking all the rules and so just has to go to a “real” school next year.

Just thought I’d document this moment so I can show it to her next year after she discovers how much she likes having only ONE break a day =)




Day One

Day 1 of Avery learning to do her own laundry. Someone once told me once their kids could see the top of the washer, they were responsible for their own laundry.  I figured that with a stool pushed up to the washer, Avery could see the top =) I knew there was a reason I loved having kids =)

I Never Thought It Would Be Our Kids

Tonight we had the kids that all babysitters dread….you know the ones who take advantage of the “nice” babysitter.

I never thought our kids would do it

Tonight they did

Wow, they are not going to like what tomorrow brings =)

New Rules

Rule #1: You may not stick things up your brother’s nose

Response to rule #1 by A: “really?!!!! I never knew that. I’ll stop doing it then.”

I guess this occurrence was more common than the one time I caught them.

Rule # 2: You may not call other people poo poo

Response to rule #2 by E: “OK!!!! Can I call Avery __________”

she picked random sounds and came up with the Spanish equivalent to the word poo poo. Of all the syllables she chose to put together! And no, neither Brent nor I speak Spanish or have used that word before! =)