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This week as a family we’ve given up all things sugar in order to help us remember all that Christ gave up.  That means no sugar from the treasure box at gymnastics, no candy from T-kids, no treats from the Easter egg hunt at preschool…nothing.

Tonight at dinner, the oldest stopped in the middle of a conversation and asked,

“hey, is there sugar in ice cream?  Snow cones?  peanut butter cookies?   ahhhhhhhhh.  Why does all the good stuff have sugar in it!”

A girl after my own heart.

Preparing our Hearts

In an attempt to prepare our hearts for Easter, we have been talking about what it looks like to love God.
Obeying and loving God is hard in our own strength; however this is a difficult concept to communicate to young children. They know the “right” answers to how to love God, but will more than likely fail to carry out those “right” answers numerous times today. Those failures are what I’m using to prepare their hearts (and mine!) to understand the need for the cross.

What’s Your Average?

This is about my average for how many guitar picks I find in my dryer after almost every load of clothes.  A dryer full of guitar picks and mickey mouse stickers. That’s normal, right?

The Secret’s Out

These two adorable little girls were chatting about their favorite restaurants today at lunch. I simply asked if they liked eating in restaurants or eating at home better.

They giggled as they looked in each other’s eyes. You know the sister look. The look that says some sort of words but no one but the two of them know what those words are.

I asked them to speak with words and not with their eyes and so the oldest replied with a smile.

“We like eating in restaurants so we don’t have to cook.

I reminded her that she didn’t do the cooking; I did.

Again with the smile and then, “But if you have to cook you always say, ‘Give me a minute, I’m thinking‘ and then we can’t talk to you.”

This was followed by a big explosion of giggles from the table. Apparently they have noticed that mommy needs a little peace and quiet in order to prepare dinner. Apparently they have figured out that if we can just go out to a restaurant, they never have to be quiet.

Smart little kids.

The Wrong Lesson

Yesterday the girls and I were reading our devotions.  The chapter happened to be on Jesus when he stayed in the temple after his parents had left Jerusalem.  (Luke 2:41-52)

The end of the chapters asked this:

How can you be more like Jesus as you’re growing up?

My youngest daughter replied:

I can disobey just like he did!

I swallowed and asked: hmmmm??? what do you mean?

When he really wanted to do something, he just did it even though his parents went home and left!

I tried to point out that he hadn’t disobeyed and talk her through her observation, but she would have none of it. She is convinced that she is right.

Yes, devotions with a three year old keep me on my toes.

Worth Remembering

Me: “I think I’m going to sign you up to play t-ball this summer sweet girl!”

She looks hesitant, asks what t-ball is, doesn’t believe me when I tell her its fun, says she doesn’t want to play any sport, and then finally responds by saying…

Fine, I’ll play. But don’t expect me to be excited about it when we go for the first time. And you’ll probably have to find me in order to get me there because I’m just warning you now that I’m going to hide.

At least I got fair warning =)

The Next 12 Things

34. A little boy excited beyond words for his new bike

35. A relaxing Saturday morning spent celebrating 2 special years of life.

36. The sunshine and heat the past few days.

37. Paying off the remainder of our school loan!!!!

38. Waking up to wind and clouds creating an overcast and lazy morning

39. Watching my 3 year old work hard to overcome a bad habit and celebrating her little successes along the way.
40. Friends who love us enough to walk through hard situations with us

41. Sunburns

42. A husband who makes sure the kitchen is clean before we go to bed

43. The smell of clean sheets

44. Watching my 5 year old overcome a major fear. I will never forget the look of accomplishment she had on her face when I told her how brave she was.
45. Family days spent enjoying each other and just having fun. Most of the time its the insignificant moments during the day that bring the most joy!

Happy 2nd B-day Little Dude

My little cookie monster had a birthday party this past weekend. He finally got some good boy things like helmets, swords, and shields.  Brent assures me that every boy needs these items. He even blew out the candle (WITHOUT SPITTING)  like a champ.   Very impressive stuff! But the highlight of the day for the little man was this bike.  He rode it ALL day…only getting off to potty and eat.  He woke up this morning asking for “bike” and threw a little tantrum when I said he had to get off to go to church.  He looked at me and said “no church. Bike.”    Thanks Nana and Pappa for such a great gift!!  I think Brent may love it as much as Justus. Two seems so old for some reason.  Its hard for me to think that my last baby is already two!  We love this little man so much and couldn’t imagine life without him around.  He is our joyful little guy who always has a smile and a dance for everyone.  He loves to sing and can sing words better than he can speak them.  He potty trained himself around 22 months and even though mommy tried to convince him to keep going in the diaper, he refused and started going in the potty. He is determined to grow up faster than I want him to!!   He is kind and compassionate and is a much better sharer than any of the other kids in the house.  We are beginning to see signs of the two year old fun stuff, but so far they are not full force, have to leave a store in the middle of shopping type tantrums.    He is the only one who will let me sit and rock him and I LOVE the cuddle time.  They just grow up too fast not to spend a good amount of time cuddling =)  He is also obsessed with books.   The last few months he’s gone through memorizing “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”, and then “Wocket in My Pocket” and then “One Thumb, Two Thumbs” and now he’s on to one of Avery’s readers called “Too, Too Hot”.   Its funny to watch Avery read to him because she wants to actually read the words and he often beats her because he just memorizes books.   I think I could go on and on about this little dude and what joy he brings our family, but instead I’ll leave you with a little video of his b-day celebrations.  Hope you enjoy!

A Little Photo Shoot

Some new hand-me-downs from a friend who has way better fashion taste than I do occurred this past week.

Brent keeps walking around saying how big the little man looks now.  I finally realized its because the little guy is wearing clothes that actually fit him.  I seem to have this problem of squeezing my children into clothes/shoes that are too small for them.

So thanks friends who give us stylish clothes so our children aren’t the dorky pastors kids with the high water jeans on.   They sure appreciate it.

The Next 13 Things

21. A patient husbands who knows how to help me walk through unfamiliar emotions and situations

22. A mini family vacation in the middle of the week. Just the fun we needed after a long 2 months.

23. My little 3 year old’s grin. You can’t help but grin back and giggle when she flashes you one.

24. Two hour car rides to just sit and talk with my husband

25. Reminders of the joy that comes from staying home with my children.

26. Planting and watering our first blueberry plants.

27. When our 20 minute devotional in the morning turns into an hour and a half because the kids are having so much fun.

28. A certain little three year old running to my legs, holding on as tight as she can, and saying “I just love you mommy.”

29. Seeing the end of our student loan in site. Lord willing, we will pay it off in 10 days! That’s 8 months earlier than we had planned!!

30. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. Knowledge about insurance, investing, and all those other things out there brings about such peace.

31. Family Fun Days

32. A little boy who rarely puts down his screwdriver because everything in the house needs to be fixed.

33. Watching my oldest grow up

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