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If You Need Her

She will more than likely look like this

At least when she’s not sleeping or eating.  Otherwise, its a safe bet to assume she’ll be standing on her head.



The New Pet

This homeschooling gig I’ve been trying out this year has me learning all sorts of interesting things about crabs.  I never knew I thought crabs were kind of cool until a few weeks ago.

Now the kids and I are totally immersed in fun facts about crabs.

I mean, I bet you didn’t know that the little tentacle looking things coming out of the top of their heads are their eyes?  And if you chop one off, it takes a year to grow back?

Okay, maybe you did know that.  I didn’t.

So after a particularly fun day huddled in the shade found under the trampoline, we read a chapter about hermit crabs, and I had the bright idea of taking a field trip to the pet store.

It was going to be a purely educational trip where we asked the hermit crab expert working in the store all sorts of questions we discussed in the car.

It turned into a price matching trip that ended with me calling Brent and asking him if he had any meetings that night or if he could make a trip to the pet store with us.  He always complains we have all the fun without him, so I thought we would wait for him before we bought our very first family pet. =)

For some reason, he wasn’t nearly as excited about my idea as I was.  But being the great guy that he is, he went along with us anyway to pick out our hermit crab.

He only rolled his eyes at me a half a dozen times and maybe even took me to the back room and told me I was the one who was going to have to deal with the crab and the kids when it died.  I was high on adrenaline or something and laughed all his concerns away.   Then I told the kids that God made crabs to live a short amount of time so we would get to see all of Sammy’s life and he would die shortly.  They seemed to do okay with that.  Pretty sure my husband rolled his eyes again.

So here is our newest addition, Sammy Sunshine Minter.  Guess who named him.

And now I find myself  strangely attached to this gross little creature.

I mean, I think I spent 10 minutes this afternoon watching it do this

But I still hope it only lives a month or so.

Sorry Sammy Sunshine Minter.  Nothing personal.  I just have a limit on how much poop I can clean up in a day, and right now my kids are almost hitting my limit.

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday was the first time I have ever had my children raise their right hand and repeat,

“I am not a monkey.  I am a child.”

Unfortunately for the many mattress stores we visited, the message never truly sunk into their pretty little heads, and I’m now fairly certain we got a good deal on a mattress simply because the sales person wanted us out of their store. Sometimes having restless kids has its perks.

Unfortunately for my kiddos, I was determined to get the mattress home by myself and not pay for delivery.

Yes, that is my awesome mini van and a child crawling through “the secret passageway” in order to get to their car seats.

In our house, if you call something “a secret passageway” they will think it is totally awesome and will forget about all the totally unawesome stuff going on.

Like driving with a heavy mattress on your head.  This is the view from the back of the car, but don’t worry,  I kept talking to them while I drove to make sure they were still breathing.

Once we were all settled in the minivan, I remembered that Target had bedding on clearance and that I had no extra sheets for a twin bed.  So we pulled into the Target parking lot, and I silently prayed my children were able to get out of the car without moving the mattress.

We only got a few stares  as I tried to figure out how to unbuckle the kids and show them the teeny tiny opening they could use to crawl out from under the mattress.  Getting back into the car and carseats after Target was also a pretty fun show for anyone who happened to be standing around.

But we made it home, I got the box spring and the frame down from the attic, moved it all into his bedroom, got everything set up, and then realized I was too tired to enforce the whole “don’t get out of your bed” thing.  So he went back into his crib.

We’ll start the whole bed training thing tonight, but don’t let that cute little grin fool you.  I’ve already heard him whisper to his sisters that he’ll come see them when mom leaves the room.

This transition should be fun.

Today’s Awards

Cutest Kid Ever goes to:

Most Helpful Kid Ever goes to:

Smartest Kid Ever goes to:

I like the days when I notice all the good in each kid.

A Little Glimpse

Near day 40 of the 100+ heat wave that hit this state, I became a little stir crazy.  The walls were caving in on us.  That is until we found the self timer and the tripod.


Who knew a self timer could be so entertaining.

One of Those Moments

As a mother, there are just times when your heart swells with pride, and you think you are going to burst because of this overwhelming love for your children.  Yesterday was one of those times.

She’s a genius right =) At least in this momma’s eyes!

Elliana:  “Is that the type of chicken that is a cock a doodle do Chicken?”

Elliana:  “That’s disgusting.  I. am.not.eating.that.   EVERYONE, that chicken used to go cockadoodledo and now its DEAD.  Do Not eat it.”

Looks like we’ll have lots of left overs this evening.

My Man

Husbands are such a unique gift from God.

The last few months have been a rough portion of life.  Health issues, personal issues, life issues, the list could go on and on.

There are moments when disengaging from life would be much easier.   I could easily disengage into my computer, my phone, the TV, a book, or any other nearby device.

But then there’s my gift.

Eight years ago today, God gave me this gift knowing I needed a gift to help me draw closer to God. The Lord knew I needed a man who wouldn’t let me disengage when life got tough. I needed a man who would continually remind me to put my eyes heavenward.

This man is my gift from God.

Over the past eight years, we have loved a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and had a lot of babies.

Life has changed since we first said “I do”.  Who knew eight years later we would be growing gray and think sleeping until 6am was sleeping in? But the one thing that is still the same is how incredible my gift from God is.

So today, on our anniversary, I want to stop and acknowledge Brent and what a vital point he is in my relationship with the Lord. He has encouraged me, prayed for me, given me the proper perspective, found books for me to read, loved me unconditionally, and taught me so much about what it means to chase after God. I love you Brent Minter. Thank you for marrying me eight years ago!

Summer Fun

My kids informed me that in Texas it was a rule to have a popsicle before, during, and after playing outside.  As long as they’ll go outside and burn off some energy, I’ve decided to enforce that rule.

The toys are so hot that EVERY thing the kids touch has to be soaked with water first.

The slide

The steps

Their face


We’ve even found a way to use the trampoline.

Plus, lets face it.  Life is just more fun when you are playing in water.  27 days of 100+ degree heat and counting.  Bring it on Texas.

When the House Gets Quiet

The house had been quiet for a good ten minutes when we first noticed he was missing.

Silence is usually a good indicator that something in the house is being destroyed.

At least he looks cute painted in black mascara.

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