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Too Much Fun

My little sis and niece are here for the week! They got here Thursday night and look at all the fun we’ve already had!Avery rode a Long HornRode a mini merry go roundEnjoyed some snow cones to help us cool off!
Watched the cattle driveCelebrated Father’s Day early since Brent is going to San Antonio for the week. The girls especially enjoyed eating his ice cream cake!And Laura is loving on Justus quite a bit.
And now I’m taking the rest of the week off to enjoy the time with my sis and niece. See you in a week!


Silly Faces

Because sometimes you’re desperate to find something to do indoors

My husband the Rock Star

Brent played for an hour at Keller Fest on Sunday afternoon. It was 95 degrees and extremely humid. The girls had a blast. They think their daddy is the best rock star around.

I just think its great that they were singing “My God reigns now and forever” in front of a huge Coors Light Banner!

Birthday fun

Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday as a family. Brent gave me a Flip Mino for my birthday present!!! So as I played with it yesterday, I created a little video of some of the day.

While I was at a baby shower, Brent also cleaned the house for me, had the girls help him make me a birthday cake, and made birthday cards for me with the girls. After I got home and everyone took a nap, he then kept us out of the house most of the day so it would stay clean. I was very impressed. It was a great day!!

We’ve made it…sort of

Its 7:07pm and all 3 kids are in bed…

Its the third night in a row Justus has gone down at the same time as the girls. Praise the Lord the walking the floor with the baby until he will go to bed at 10pm are over! I’m a bad mom after 7pm =)

Our Letters of the Week

Lovin the Holiday weekend

Can’t beat a 3 day weekend! On Sunday, we went to churchAnd then skipped naps and drove from church to Plano to hang out with my cousins for the day.
Brent and I and the girls all had fun in the pool (and yes, I actually put a swim suit on 8 weeks after giving birth! May be the first and last time that will happen for a while =) )

Justus just enjoyed being passed around and held all day long. He sure didn’t like his reality check today when he had to sleep in a bed!

Tonight our Home Team from church came over to grilland swim. This time only the kiddos swam and the adults all got to sit and chat. 11 kids under 4 and we actually were able to finish quite a few conversations. It was a great evening!

Organization Part III

I said I would do the desk as my next organization project, so here it is.



It feels wonderful to have it decluttered!!!

Great Moments

We were having a conversation about the hospital and when Justus was born…

Avery “He came out because I prayed that he would come out quick and so God made him come out?”

Me: “That’s right.”

Avery: “So if I pray that he’ll go back into your tummy, he will?”

This was said on an afternoon walk. I was singing as I was pushing the stroller.
Elliana: “Mommy, no please.”
Me: “No please to what?”

Elliana: “No sing please mommy. It doesn’t sound right.”
(I guess she’s already figured out her mommy can’t sing!)

Avery ran into her room this morning and said this to me

Avery: I know my real name is Avery, but I like Avesy better so you can just call me Avesy from now on alright?

Elliana was in tears on the way home from the park this morning. I couldn’t get her to stop crying while I was driving. She was a bit hysterical. Finally, this was our conversation.

Me: “Elliana, why are you crying? What happened?

Elliana: “Avery said I’m not Ana!”

I guess she thought that since Avery said she wasn’t Ana anymore that she couldn’t be Ana anymore. The sister teasing has begun =)

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