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My Man

Husbands are such a unique gift from God.

The last few months have been a rough portion of life.  Health issues, personal issues, life issues, the list could go on and on.

There are moments when disengaging from life would be much easier.   I could easily disengage into my computer, my phone, the TV, a book, or any other nearby device.

But then there’s my gift.

Eight years ago today, God gave me this gift knowing I needed a gift to help me draw closer to God. The Lord knew I needed a man who wouldn’t let me disengage when life got tough. I needed a man who would continually remind me to put my eyes heavenward.

This man is my gift from God.

Over the past eight years, we have loved a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and had a lot of babies.

Life has changed since we first said “I do”.  Who knew eight years later we would be growing gray and think sleeping until 6am was sleeping in? But the one thing that is still the same is how incredible my gift from God is.

So today, on our anniversary, I want to stop and acknowledge Brent and what a vital point he is in my relationship with the Lord. He has encouraged me, prayed for me, given me the proper perspective, found books for me to read, loved me unconditionally, and taught me so much about what it means to chase after God. I love you Brent Minter. Thank you for marrying me eight years ago!

Do You Like It?

My husband has a little known talent for messing with HTML codes and creating websites.  I think its his stress relief =)  So this morning I woke up to a new blog design!  What do you think?

He transfered all the old stuff onto this new site last night but a few posts didn’t make it so I apologize if you’ve subscribed via email or reader and your inbox is flooded with previous posts!  I think most of the posts are now up and you shouldn’t get any more repeats.

And if you see my hubby or read his blog, make sure you tell him how great of a job he did =)  Thanks Brent!!


Just To Remember

Since Brent didn’t get to experience any of the ice/snow/being trapped in the house with sick kids, I thought I would document the week for him.

Day 2: “Snow is so fun!!” We played outside for an hour and then Avery stayed outside with neighbor kids for another hour (first freak out as a parent when I couldn’t find her ANYWHERE in the neighborhood when it was time for her to come in! ) Day 3: “Yup, the snow/ice is still there. Go out and play and get out some of your energy”. We lasted 10 minutes before ALL three kids were crying. Went back inside and had hot chocolate and then everyone continued crying until nap time.  Such a fun day.Day 4: MORE SNOW. “Please go out and play in the snow.  I promise its more fun than the days before.  I don’t think its as cold either.  We’ll all bundle up.  We really need to get outside and just play!” Took 20 minutes to get outside because Justus threw a fit because he wanted a pink hat and purple gloves, Elliana threw a fit because she wanted blue gloves and no hat, and Avery threw a fit because she didn’t want any gloves or hat. We lasted 4 minutes before Justus sat his little bottom down on a snow drift, crossed his arms, and said “don’t like snow”.   Day 5: The snow has lost all its appeal. The kids wouldn’t even go outside.  We tried to leave the house that afternoon and discovered the car was dead.  A neighbor pushed it out of the garage and jumped it, we braved the streets to go to the bank and discovered I left my wallet at home.  Stopped at the library and learned they decided not to open because of the snow, found $7 in my pocket and told the kids we could stop at McDonalds and they could get something off the dollar menu.  Set our food down at a table and a little girl threw a basketball on top of our tray and all our food.  Her parents laughed and said, “guess its a danger zone in here”.  I forced a  smile and said, “kids, I have no more money.  Eat your squashed food.”

Day 6:  Everyone was REALLY sick. I gave up trying to be a super mom and have fun.  We watched 8 hours of veggie tales, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Monster clips on Youtube, and some cute little dog cartoon I found on Netflix.  Friends gave us some new bath toys from Disney World and so the kids took quite a few baths throughout the day.  In fact, every time they started to get restless, I said “who wants to take another bath?  This time you can wear swim suits!” I also decided that I’m a terrible single parent and began counting down the hours until Brent comes home.  24 more hours at this point.

Yes, Brent is the better half of this parenting gig we have going on.  All day long, Justus keeps grabbing my phone saying “want daddy! want daddy!” He may only be one, but he knows who the fun parent is!  24 hours and counting buddy.  24 hours and counting.

There’s Never Enough Birthday

You think one of these days Brent would remember that I LOVE birthdays and there is no such thing as just a one day celebration. But every year it surprises him that his birthday celebration begins days before the actual event. This year, it began 4 days early with a little surprise as he pulled into the driveway from work. This was the first b-day party that was planned completely by our children. We ate, played Duck, Duck, Goose, played Simon Says, and had cake. And notice the cake. My first ever gluten free cake made from scratch. Brent heard the words “gluten free” and sort of looked disappointed. I reminded him of the many days of birthday that laid ahead of him and there was a good possibility there would be more cake in his future. He relented, tried the cake, and we all decided we like it better than regular cake! Who knew?!We had birthday on Friday, had another party with another cake on Saturday, and the Sunday, he got surprised at morning rehearsals with this.He left the house that morning wondering why we were all up, dressed, and ready to go to church 2.5 hours early.everyone needs lots of surprises to make them feel special on their birthday! The kids each picked out his presents this year too. He got a toy gun, 2 felt flowers, and a shirt. Who could ask for anything more.Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Just Like Daddy

Where are you going bud?

play daddy

Silly me thought he was on his way to find daddy to play with him.  As I went after him to tell him daddy was at work, I discovered what he really wanted to do.Play daddy = pretend to be daddy. Can you tell what Brent does every morning of his life?

Worth Watching

Have you seen the new video yet? You won’t be disappointed!

check out Northwood Worship Site

The little man sure has enjoyed it!


I’ve heard rumors that Brent could sing songs before he could really talk in sentences.
It seems our little man is following in his daddy’s footsteps. Full sentences come out of his mouth if they are sung. One or two words come out at a time if they are spoken. His current favorite song: I Will Follow by none other than his favorite daddy.

My Heart Melts

“Avery, if you could do anything in the world, what would you do?”

“Cuddle with daddy.”

The Day We’ve Been Waiting For

The CD has been released! Click here to access it on Itunes or click here to access it on Amazon

8  years ago I wrote the following letter to my husband in a journal I bought him for his birthday:

…God has given you such a gift when it come to music that it only made sense for me to get you notebooks to begin writing your own music in.  You’ve said…you have ideas and would like to write songs…I can’t wait to be in the audience when you sing your first original song!

8  years ago, Brent would whisper about his secret dream to write music.  He felt God had given this desire but it was just never the right time to see his dreams come true.   So Brent waited on God to accomplish this secret dream.

10 months ago,  God began fulfilling Brent’s dream that began over 8 years ago.  Only God did it much better than we ever could have imaged.  When I wrote the note to Brent, I thought he would write a couple songs that he would maybe sing in front of a congregation at some point.  God wanted much more.   Through the leadership of NorthWood, our church,  God birthed the idea of a CD that would help bridge people to Himself.

But God didn’t stop with just giving the vision of a CD to the church, He knew Brent would be overwhelmed by such a massive project so God supported and helped Brent every step of the way.  Although Brent has written music in the past, he was not a professional song writer and so the thought of writing 10 original tracks was a bit fearful.   God quickly helped Brent conquer this fear by crossing Brent’s path with Michael Farren, lead singer for a Pocket Full of Rocks.  Michael and Brent hit it off and became fast friends.  But not only that, Michael happens to be a professional song writer so was the perfect person to teach Brent all about songwriting.  Michael also has the biggest heart and is extremely generous of his time.  He rearranged his schedule and invited Brent to Nashville to stay with him and then set up some song writing sessions with other professionals.  It was through these sessions that the majority of the CD was completed.  When God sets about to bring dreams true, He goes all out!!

The story could go on and on about ways God designed this CD, but I’ll stop at this point in the story and pray you see the Lord’s hand all over this project.  It began 8 years ago with a little dream in the back of Brent’s heart and has turned into an incredible album full of worship music that will draw you into the presence of our Lord. I know I’m a bit biased, but the CD really is incredible!  Check out the video below to get a peek at the live recording.  It will give you goose bumps! To see the other video, visit www.northwoodworship.com

The CD hits Itunes and Amazon today.  You should check it out and rejoice with me that we serve a mighty God who longs to give us the desires of our heart as we walk with Him.

Can’t Do It

I can shrink clothes with the best of them.   Pretty much any t-shirt that hits my dryer will be shrunk.  Maybe its the fact we buy cheap clothes?  So I hang almost everything. Everything except this shirt.  This is probably my least favorite shirt of Brent’s and I can’t shrink it for the life of me! Figures.

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