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Just a Glimpse

Here’s a glimpse at our Family Day yesterday.  It was wonderful!  We didn’t even leave the house until 5:15pm last night.  I love lazy days!!Little man can’t stand it that his feet won’t reach the pedals of a bike yet, so he is now determined to ride a scooter.  Yesterday he turned 19 months old and learned how to use his feet to push a scooter.  Crazy how fast he’s growing up!Between bikes and the backyard, we spent most of the day outside.  This fall weather is awesome!Ever since we started gymnastics, the kids are getting brave on the trampoline.  Hours of fun learning new tricks!

After the kids were in bed, I actually made a superhero cape and mask for Avery.   Know this is the very first costume I’ve ever made in my whole life so I’m a bit proud of it =)

But my very favorite part of the day was this.  The CDs are in!!!
You may wonder why I have tears welling up in my eyes as I watch this video, but this moment symbolized 10 months of extremely hard work and sacrifices for my husband.  It symbolized him walking in obedience and doing what God asked him to even went it meant no days off and long work days.  It symbolizes the joy that God gives you and the blessing he reigns down on you as you walk in obedience.  It symbolizes so many things, but that will have to be a whole other post =)  We’ll just say being able to pick up the finished CD and drop them off at the church to get ready to sell them on Sunday was the thing that put our family day over the top this week.  What a great day!

Family Fun Day

Some days you have to work really hard to make the little time you have together as a family count.  Today was one of those days.We had a few hours together this morning, so we took some breakfast tacos to the “Adventure Park”, rode bikes, found a new playground, explored trails leading to a creek that is perfect for throwing rocks into, taught the girls to potty outside, and all sorts of other exciting things.We also had a few hours together tonight where we could eat dinner and get some new shoes for the girls.  Who knew Avery was a size 12 shoe?  I guess the size 9s I’ve been squeezing her toes into have been a little uncomfortable for her!  Oopps!!!As the girls’ surprise, we let them have their first sister sleepover tonight. They share a room, but tonight they get to sleep on the floor next to each other and tell stories and talk quietly.  Can you tell they are excited? As I type, I’m listening to the girls giggle while Justus is in his room across the hall yelling “sisters!” Extremely thankful for the hours we get to spend together!  Happy Friday to everyone.

Norwegian Lessons

Besides doing the fun things you get to do when Grandma and Grandpa are in town, they also have been teaching the girls a little Norwegian.

Singing this song with the girls reminds me of my childhood and my great grandma who moved to Iowa from Norway. She was an amazing lady, and I sure wish I could remember more of the Norwegian she taught me!

So far my kids have the Norwegian version of “This Little Piggy” and “I will Make You Fishers of Men” down. My parents have 2 more days with the kids. I wonder what else they’ll learn?

Family Fun Weekend

We spent a couple days in Oklahoma this past weekend, and in my hurry to get everyone packed and out of the house, I forgot 2 things. Saline solution for my contacts and my camera. Only forgetting 2 things isn’t too bad, right? So I wore my glasses all weekend and got no pictures. =( Maybe its a good thing there’s no pictures of my in my glasses though! =) I did have the flip with me so I got a few short videos of our fun trip. Have to capture those memories somehow! Enjoy.

Friday Family Fun Day

Friday we woke up in a celebrating sort of mood.  If the Minter family needs to celebrate, you will find us at Cracker Barrel.  There’s just something about that restaurant that makes my family happy.We continued the celebration at the zoo.  When asked which animal the girls wanted to see the most, they replied, “bats”.   Out of all the animals, they wanted to see the freaky, gross, bats!  Just watching them fly creeps me out.

We ended the evening with a little bike riding and some ice cream and some eventful neighborhood activities.  We’ll just say Brent spent the evening in the ER with a neighbor, and I had a houseful of neighborhood kids until after 11pm.   The extra kids were fun and rambunctious and made me laugh as we rode bikes, wrestled, read books, and made homemade cinnamon rolls/played in the dough and the flour.  Crazy ending to a great day.

Family Fun Day

Breakfast in the park followed by exploring and playing.  A great few hours!Then Brent was off to the studio to finish recording the LAST SONG for the upcoming CD.  Can you tell I’m excited =)   In honor of his last day at the studio, we stopped by to take some pictures.  Justus REALLY liked the microphones and all the buttons that he could push.  I took him out of the studio in tears as he screamed, “more, dadda, more!!!”  

On the way to some friends house for dinner, the kids and Brent wrote the following song.  I think it may become our family theme song =)
Good song, right? Do you think they’ll be that enthusiastic about singing it when they’re 10?

Family Fun Day

Its official. I’m back to posting weekly. At least every Tuesday and Friday. =) I think I’ve said it before but Family Fun Day is my favorite day of the week!

In full confession, Brent did work for a couple hours in the morning while I went to the doctor, so our “day” didn’t officially start until 11am, but once it started, we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Here’s most of our day in pictures.

Do I look tired in the picture below or what? This sickness has kept me up every night for the past week! Just wanted to justify the bags under the eyes =)

The past couple months have been pretty busy which hasn’t allowed us to have consistent family days. The time away from our family day has made me treasure them even more. Our Fridays are our down time and our time to reconnect and I had forgotten the purpose of them until they were gone. Brent and I looked at each other last night and both commented on how refreshed we felt after just a relaxing day as a family. What can I say, we both just love our family =)

Family Vacation

I sit here writing and am at a loss for words that will adequately describe the past week.  Pine Cove Family Camp is amazing and so many amazing things happen during the week that it may take me two posts to fully describe them.   =) If you want to see all the pics from the week, click here

We left last Sunday right after church and drove into camp around 3:30pm.  As you can see, the little man drove us into camp this year =)
Once we got into camp, the fun didn’t stop.  Avery was a “Wild Kid” this year, Elliana was a “June Bug”, and Justus was a “Rollie Pollie” which meant Elliana and Justus both still got naps in their class while Avery got to do fun things like have water balloon fights, shaving cream wars, swimming contests, and pony rides during naps.  All three of them love their classes.  In fact, Brent and I had a plan to take the kids out on individual dates throughout the week.  We’ll just say it took some convincing to get the kids to leave their class to go out with mommy and daddy!

I don’t have any pictures of our dates with the kids.  So wish I did!  But on Monday, we took Elliana out on the boat and she rode the water rocket.  You sit on it and hang on for dear life while the boat tries to throw you in the water.  Every time a wave hit the water rocket, Elliana yelled “yeehaw”.  She loved it!  I took Avery out on the boat to do the same thing on Friday.  I think she giggled through the entire thing =)  REALLY really wish I had both experiences on video!

Brent and I also got a few dates throughout the week.  A breakfast trail ride, a morning water ski outing, and 2 dinner dates.  I think that’s one of the things I love about Pine Cove.  It provides amazing family activities as well as amazing couple activites and amazing kids programs.    Everyone in the family gets to have fun without mommy and daddy feeling like they are working overtime to take care of everyone!So because I can’t really put into words the amazing week of vacation, I put together the video below that somewhat captures our week.  I know its long, but I’m sure the grandparents will be as excited about it as I am =) If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, you should skip ahead to about 3 min. & 40 seconds  and catch a glimpse of the kids’ musical debut.  I’ll just say Elliana learned to use her hips that way from her father.  =)  Hope you enjoy!

Family Fun Day

A family bike ride followed by yard work and washing windows=productive morning this week.

We finished in time to watch the big soccer game…who needs cable when you have a computer =)The day ended withMy birthday present from Brent!  It was AMAZING!!! A great night with a great man!  We got home this morning just in time to start planning Brent’s Father’s Day activities.  Maybe they’ll be some pics up about that soon =)

Family Fun Day

At 9am, Brent and I looked at each other, said “IKEA?” and within 20 minutes we were in the car and on our way.   Did you hear that spontaneous decision followed by quick action?  Man, life gets easier the older they get =)Brent needed something for work, so while he measured and found what he needed, the kids and I discovered the really important part of the store… the toys.   The toys were only put aside when the word “lunch” was spoken.   Cheap food eaten in front of cartoons…IKEA speaks my kids’ language. I did make an impulse buy.  Pretty sure I’ve never made it through IKEA without making at least one impulse buy!  The middle child loves trains so much that when I saw this train set for $10, I convinced myself to buy it.  I didn’t tell the kids though.  They walked out after nap, saw it, and were ecstatic.  $10 well spent =)We weren’t even out of the parking lot before the little guy crashed!We got home later than anticipated so nap time was pretty much a disaster.  No naps and a busy morning equals REALLY cranky children (and a cranky mommy if I’m honest!)  When they are all cranky, keeping them home is miserable.  We’re still working on being kind and sharing even when we’re grouchy =) Its been a looong week, and the thought of disciplining children all afternoon was enough to make me cry.   So instead of staying home, enjoying the new train set, and getting a couple projects finished, we went to the waterpark.  Its hard to be cranky and mean at a waterpark.Now all the kids are sound asleep in bed and Brent is off building  a desk with a friend.  After this busy day, I think I may turn on the World cup and be lazy on the couch.  The perfect end to a great family day.

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