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Our Attempt

We attempted to decorate a Gingerbread House tonight

There was a little someone who couldn’t quite grasp why we would glue candy to a house and not just eat the candy.

Pretty sure he ate his fair share of what should have been on the house

Fortunately,  my artsy child came through and had a plan and a vision for the house and the willingness to not eat all the decorations.

Thanks to her determination, we finished with this

Beautiful, right?! =)

Fun Times

I love the Fall.  Or maybe just the month of October.  I mean you get the State Fair, pumpkin patches, my sister’s birthday…the list of fun stuff happening in October is limitless.

But this year, I won’t be in town the last 2 weekends of October, so I’m trying to cram all my favorite October activities into just a few short days.  I mean, I can’t properly go onto Thanksgiving preparations until all things pumpkin have been fully explored.

So activity #1 for the Fall season was Nash Farms

Pony rides, leather pressing, petting zoos, decorating pumpkins, planting flowers, pumpkin bowling, you name it and they had it.

I was having so much fun that I completely ignored when my two year old almost fell asleep at the leather pressing table.

About an hour later, he did ask me if I would please take him home to bed.  I finally gave in and we said good bye to our first glorious October fun.

Now to get in a couple different pumpkin patches and the state fair in the next 8 days….

Family Fun Day

A few months ago I stopped writing a post for family fun days.  Not because we stopped having them but simply because I stopped carrying my camera with us to record them.   Sometimes life is more fun if you don’t stop to capture it =)

But because many of you have been asking what we do with our Fridays now, I thought I would write a quick post about the day.  We still keep it as a family day, and we still try our best to not make any plans with anyone or to schedule anything on this day, but we have become a bit more laid back in our approach to our day.

I used to have a plan for every Friday; now we sort of just wing it.  I plan every. single. day. of our life, so I needed a break from planning.  Friday is my break.

I leave the house around 5:45am to go to Bible study, and I usually get home around 7:30am.  Once I get home, we all become really lazy and really cuddly.  This morning we laid around, build tents, read books, watched a cartoon, drank coffee, talked, and ate breakfast until about 10am.  You know its going to be a good day when the laziness doesn’t end until 10am!Once the laziness ends, we have been picking a project to complete on the house.  This morning it was fixing the lawn mower and a toilet.  Justus really gets excited about working on the house; the girls just tolerate it =)  But we did stop on the way to the hardware store and let the kids buy a gum ball.   They even got the correct color of gum ball to come out of the machine and so won a free video.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!

The afternoon almost always consists of playing outside around our house.  Riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, playing pretend on all the play structures, anything and everything outside is my only rule.

Then of course Fridays are not for cooking so we must go out for dinner!

And what dinner is complete without a little dessert =)Basically Fridays are for being lazy and silly.  Its wonderful to have a day where there is no plan and no expectations.  We just get to enjoy being together.  Even the little man counts down until the next Family Fun Day.  It is definitely our family’s favorite day of the week.

The Next 13 Things

21. A patient husbands who knows how to help me walk through unfamiliar emotions and situations

22. A mini family vacation in the middle of the week. Just the fun we needed after a long 2 months.

23. My little 3 year old’s grin. You can’t help but grin back and giggle when she flashes you one.

24. Two hour car rides to just sit and talk with my husband

25. Reminders of the joy that comes from staying home with my children.

26. Planting and watering our first blueberry plants.

27. When our 20 minute devotional in the morning turns into an hour and a half because the kids are having so much fun.

28. A certain little three year old running to my legs, holding on as tight as she can, and saying “I just love you mommy.”

29. Seeing the end of our student loan in site. Lord willing, we will pay it off in 10 days! That’s 8 months earlier than we had planned!!

30. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. Knowledge about insurance, investing, and all those other things out there brings about such peace.

31. Family Fun Days

32. A little boy who rarely puts down his screwdriver because everything in the house needs to be fixed.

33. Watching my oldest grow up

This is WAY too long

Elliana got out of the car after her first gymnastics “meet”, looked at her medal and said to the medal, “I never got a medal before.  I love you medal. (kisses the medal) I just KNEW I would earn you today

Two Main Reasons I am Really Impressed with My Kiddos Today:

1: Elliana is 3 yrs old.  This is a 5 yr. old class.  She works her little tail off to stay up with the other kids and I love watching her work hard and never ever ever give up

2. We came home and discovered Avery had a fever of 102.8.  I thought she didn’t look quite like herself during the meet, but she never complained once.  She finished what she started, pushed through feeling sick, and was so proud of herself at the end.

I love watching them gain that feeling of satisfaction that comes after having worked hard to accomplish a goal!

Love watching it to the extent that I think you should all be blessed with the privilege of watching a 7 minute video of my kids =) Enjoy

Family Fun

After a week of doing nothing but watching TV and letting the kids recover from Strep, UTI’s, and bronchiolitis, we got up from naps on Saturday, threw the kids in the car, and went out for some much needed release of energy.
Skating rinks may be dirty and crowded, but man are they a lot of fun!

Friday Fun

Guess what we got for Christmas??!!!!!Here’s a hint…its a place where you can go on a dinosaur dig measure some bonespretend you’re a doctorand mommy can sit inside with the baby while the kids play water fights outside with daddy (

I won’t even try to pretend that I was sad to miss out on the outside water fun…sometimes having a baby around to give you an excuse to sit inside is really nice.  Do I sound lazy? (Oh,  and no we didn’t have another baby.  We just pretend during the week while this sweet little bundle hidden in the stroller’s mommy goes to school.  If you could see her grin, you would understand while the Minter clan is smitten by this little 4 month old!) All of that fun equals season passes to the Museum of Science and History.  We love this present so much, Brent and I are going to the adult only event at the museum tomorrow night.  Anyone else get season passes for Christmas and want to join us for a little date night? =)


The perfect adjective to describe our weekend. Wonderful would be the next adjective. Here’s a little picture sneak peak into our lazy last few days.


Today we got to spend the day with this little sweet heart.   This is the little girl that I keep during the week.  Doesn’t she just melt your heart?!   Her mommy is pretty sweet too and working her little tail off to finish school for this sweet girl.  Pray strength for them when you think of it.   I spend most days holding this sweet baby and praying for the two of them. 

Except today the holding and praying took place in the wonderful world of IKEA.  A great place to Christmas shop because we discovered you can put your potty trained kids in their FREE childcare, buy your gifts, hide them in the car, go pick up the kids, and then feed everyone for $0.99 each.  The kids had a blast, Brent and I felt like we sort of kind of had a date (other than the 20 month old and 3 month old we were carrying around with us), and all Christmas shopping is now complete.   Genius.

The girls also got to go on a date with daddy this afternoon.   This was Elliana’s first time to go to a movie theater, and I’m going to bet I will never get her in one again.  It seems the movie “Tangled” was a bit too intense for her.  Her response when she walked in the door wide eyed was, “the ending was good…I guess…”

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening wrestling, reading happy Christmas stories, and praying she won’t be up all night with nightmares.  I hate to be woken up in the middle of the night….oh, and I feel bad for the kid and the whole nightmare thing too…but mainly I just hate to be woken up.

Happy Friday!

A Little Friday Fun

When the weather is this beautiful, you have to go to the zoo!
And when its this close to Halloween and you’re at the zoo, its only fair to check out Boo at the Zoo.The kids now think we are the coolest parents ever because 1: They got to play every game thereand 2: They got to eat as much candy as they wanted to while we were at the zooI thought we were pretty cool too until we hit 4:30pm and every kid started crying and misbehaving as they came down from a sugar high. I guess thats the price of fun =)

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