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Its Time

Once upon a time, in a land full of nap times and early bedtimes, I would sit down and write. Though babies are exhausting and demanding, being stuck at home most days left me plenty of time to write.   And so wrote I did.  Minterlife.com became my accountability, my journal, my discipleship tool, and the record of my family growth.  I absolutely loved it.

Then a storm blew through, life decisions needed to be made in private, kids started complaining that strangers knew their private business, and nap times ceased to exist.  No longer stuck at home every afternoon led to me giving up a passion that seemed easier to ignore than to find time to pursue.   Minterlife became dormant.

But, my husband…..

My husband sees in me something I can’t see in myself and pushes me to be the person he knows I want to be.  He knows most days I start early and am simply done by the time the kids go to bed in the evening.  He knows my kids’ education and meeting with women to point them towards Christ will always trump me sitting down to write.  He knows my schedule looks completely different than it once did, and so I can’t write in the same manner that I once could.  He knows my excuses and obstacles, but yet he still created a new place for me to start a new writing journey.  This new place to write can be found at kariminter.com.

I feel rusty.  I feel unequipped.  I feel nervous and scared.  But to have the one person who is most important to me look at me with confidence in his eyes gives me the courage to move forward, and so I write.

Bear with me.  The journey may be choppy, but to start while still surrounded by fear is my first victory.

Is there something scary you might need to start as well? Won’t you share with me and let’s encourage each other because let’s face it, we all need some people in our corner looking at us with confidence in their eyes.



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