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The Beginning | Minterlife

The Beginning

One of my children has had some lingering health problems resulting in TONS of antibiotics throughout her short little lifetime.  As a result, her stomach ALWAYS hurts, she had developed horrible reflux and heartburn, and is just a little bit miserable most days.  As a mom, my heart hurts to see her struggle at such a young age.

So I decided to do something about it.

Today marks DAY 1 of our 30 day strict eating plan.  No beans, no bread, no sugar, no processed food, no dairy, pretty much no to anything that will turn to sugar in her gut.  Sounds fun right =)

But we do get to say yes to all kinds of meats, all kinds of veggies, and some fruits, so we definitely won’t go hungry! The idea is to completely starve all the bad bacteria in her gut while still providing her with all the proper nutrition she needs.  Because we are a family and families stick together, the whole family will be eating the same thing and going through the 30 days together.  Three of us are excited about this. The jury is still out on the other two.

Last night, I prepped for the week, made something called Bone Broth (which smells fantastic!), emailed all the teachers at school to let them know what our family will be doing and to please not allow my children to sneak candy from the treasure boxes in the classroom, and spent time convincing one of my children this was not punishment but a fun adventure (I’m not sure she’s buying it).

Here’s to Day 1.  Praying for happy hearts and for the Lord to use the next 30 days to completely heal my baby girl’s pain.


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