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I am not sure what it is about the area we live in, but the internet is very unreliable here.  In fact, over the past 48 hours, EVERY time I have opened my computer to post this, the internet has died in the middle of the post.  You don’t realize how much you use the internet until its unavailable =)  But here is Week 3…better late than never.

Week 3: Meditation

“What happens in meditation is that we create the emotional and spiritual space which allows Christ to construct an inner sanctuary in the heart.” -Richard Foster

Sometimes when we hear the word “meditation”, we think of all the Eastern religions in the world.  We picture humming, legs crossed, eyes closed, and an attempt to empty our mind of everything.  This is NOT what Christian meditation is all about!

Christian meditation is an attempt to fill our mind with Christ.  We meditate in order to detach from the world around us and attach to God.  It is in this “attaching”, that we are able to make heart changes which allow us to begin to think the thoughts of God, delight in His presence, and desire His way and His truth in our life.

But meditation is not easy.  You must truly dedicate yourself this week to this practice while removing those things that may distract you.  Meditation is different than Bible study.  It is a slow process.  One of my favorite authors, Dietrich Bonhoeffer,  states, “often we are so burdened and overwhelmed with other thoughts, images, and concerns that it may take a long time before God’s Word has swept aside and come through…This is the very reason why we begin our meditation with the prayer God may send His Holy Spirit to us through His Word and reveal His Word to us and enlighten us.”

By committing to meditate on God’s word this week, you are committing to hear and obey God.  He will speak to you as you sit with Him.  Not because you have special abilities or because you do things right, but simply because you are willing to listen to him!

Begin each activity by praying and asking God to give you the desire and ability to meditate.  Then find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted! (no TV, no phone, no husband, no kids) I know it may be difficult to find a quiet space, but really try this week!  Ask your husband, your neighbor, or your family for help.  Get up early or stay up late.  Do the activities in the shower when you are by yourself.  Lock yourself in a closet.  Get desperate and truly make an effort to connect to God through meditation this week.

Activity #1: Using Your Imagination

  • Take a single event, parable, or simply a few verses in one of the Gospels and read it multiple times.  Close your eyes and let your imagination truly experience the passage.  Think through the emotions you would have felt if you have been present during this event.  Truly engage your senses as you visualize this scripture passage.

Activity #2: Turning things Over to God/Receiving from God

  • Sit or stand in a quiet place and quiet your heart before the Lord.  Think about something that is bothering you, causing anxiety, or is simply on your mind multiple times throughout the day.  Place your palms down and state (either aloud or in your thoughts) “I realize _____ is consuming me.  I give _____ to you Lord.”   Then turn your hands palm up and tell God you are ready to receive from him what He desires for you.  This is something that may need to be done throughout the day whenever you feel the concern, the emotion, or the stressor creeping into your thoughts.

Activity #3: Connecting to God Through Nature

  • Talk a long walk through God’s creation.  While you are walking, truly notice how intricate  and beautiful God has created all things.  Spend time in His presence just marveling at His beauty.

Activity #4: Meditating on Scripture

  • The scripture tells us to hide God’s word in our heart THAT we might not sin against Him. (Ps 119:11)  Simply memorizing and meditating on scripture can keep us from choosing sin throughout the day.  It also gives us access to God’s thoughts, wisdom, and ideas as we walk through our day!

  • Pick a short passage of scripture.  Try  Ps 121 and memorize and meditate on God’s glory.  Or use your concordance and pick verses that directly deal with a specific topic of your choice.  The choice of the passage is up to you.  The point is to have God’s word in your mind continually throughout the day.

    • Helpful hints when trying to memorize

      • If you have a smartphone, you can use the verse as your screen lock. Your phone is usually with you, so you can review the verse throughout the day on your phone.   If you don’t have a smartphone, write the verse on various notecards and place them in your car, on your mirror, outside your shower, on the fridge, at your desk, on your computer screen, etc…

      • Every time you stop at a red light, review your verse.

      • Before you open your computer to check email, FB, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever, review your verse.

      • Before you go to sleep at night, review your verse.

Activity #5: End of the evening meditation:

  • Let the last thought of the day be of Christ.  Instead of watching TV or playing on the computer, decide to let the last thoughts of your night be ones focused on Christ.  As you lay down in your bed, picture yourself wrapped in the peace of Christ.  You might even want to go through a prayer such as the one below….


“In peace I will lie down, for it is you, O Lord, You alone who makes me to rest secure.”


Two weeks of intentionally seeking God and meeting with a group of women who hold me accountable and push me towards a deeper relationship with Christ has been incredible.  I have noticed my thought patterns and my attitude/frustration level has radically changed.  Cannot wait to jump into week 3 and watch God continue to work in me and through me!



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  1. JennyV June 29, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    Activity 2 is such a great way to truly ‘let go and let GOD!’ It is freeing to allow yourself to think whatever it is that our human mind does and then to turn your palms up and speak God’s truth and giving Him correct place and authority, all while releasing stress, fear, etc. I know I will keep this one up!

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