Hiding Among the Baggage

I Samuel 10 is such an interesting passage. As we read it, we get a glimpse of Saul that we don’t normally see. Usually Saul is portrayed as the over the top personality, and we only really hear stories of him after he goes crazy with his jealousy over David’s fame.

But 1 Samuel 10 is where his fame began, and Saul hid from it.

Samuel anoints Saul as king, prophesies over Saul, and predicts the events of the next several hours in order to convince Saul that God truly was anointing him.  But there had never been a king in Israel before, and Saul was not about to eagerly jump into the position.

Three important statements from this passage:

  1. “Then the Spirit of the Lord will rush upon you”
  2. God gave him another heart.
  3. he has hidden himself among the baggage

Saul was anointed, changed into a new man, had the Spirit of God rush upon him, and he knew exactly what God had called him to do, but yet he still hid among the baggage.

I’m a lot like Saul.  I have the Spirit of the Lord.  I can testify to the fact that God has changed me and is continually changing my heart. But yet at times I still try to hide among the baggage.   Not literally “baggage”, but maybe behind my kids? or behind my husband? or behind my quest for significance?  If I evaluate myself honestly, I spend plenty of time making excuses or justifying why I haven’t fully embraced what God has called me to do.

Listening to God can, at times, be scary.  People often say God won’t give you more than you can handle.  Complete lie.  God will definitely give you more than YOU can handle.  Just not more than HE can handle.  Complete reliance and trust in God that He will equip you to do what He asks of you can be really scary but yet completely freeing all at the same time.  In fact, the more we jump out from behind the “baggage” and embrace what God has before us, the more we experience the freedom He desires for us.

What is it that God has anointed for you to do?  Be still and ask if, like Saul, you are hiding instead of walking into the scary unknown in front of you to accomplish the purpose God has set up.

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