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How Are the Kids Doing? | Minterlife

How Are the Kids Doing?

That seems to be the most asked question, and overall they are doing great.  Of course there have been moments of sadness, but for the most part they are being rockstars about all the transitions.

However, along this journey, there have definitely been some memorable quotes said.  Here are a few of my favorites =)

First Sunday here, Avery was asked by the pastor how she liked her new church.  Her response,  “This isn’t my church.

While walking out of Costco, Justus handed the receipt  to the lady at the door and stated, “The Costco in Texas is better than this Costco.”

Waking up to more snow falling, the kids stood at the window, and Justus asked, “Does all it ever do here is snow?!”

The other day Avery asked me, “Do you think maybe you could homeschool our cousins next year?  I think I would like living here more if they could be homeschooled too.

We were going outside to play, and Elliana stated, “I’m staying inside.  Maybe when all this snow melts I can go outside again.”

All three kids were complaining they haven’t been able to ride their bikes in FOREVER, so I took them out to ride.  They lasted 5 minutes before the wind got the best of them, and they decided riding bikes might be more fun in the summer =)

The first time I put the kids into the car and said we were going to Aldi, cheers erupted from the backseat.  As they calmed down and I asked why they cheered, the response was, “We’re driving to Texas!”   I guess I had forgotten to mention there were Aldi’s in Iowa too.

While driving by a Panda Express, I hear Justus gasp and then scream, “They moved Panda here from Texas!!!!  Oh, I’m so happy!”

And finally, just last week, both girls were having a conversation about our new church.  They talked back and forth about how nice people were and the new friends they were making and finally stated, “I think this is going to be a really fun place.  I think we are going to like it.”

The last quote definitely made my heart happy.

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  1. Rubi March 11, 2013 at 6:55 am #

    The Aldi’s one cracked me up! Love the updates and I hope it warms up there soon!

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