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The Last Two Days… | Minterlife

The Last Two Days…

Life is a bit of a blur these last two days.  A fun blur though!  Yesterday I finally got my favorite meal in this country on our way to the conference! Its the little things that make me happy =)

The Special Education conference, and one of the main reasons we are here, started and lasted until 9pm last night.  Here we are getting our nails all colorful as we get ready to begin to “Color our World with Hope”, the theme of the conference this year.

Every conference always starts with an opening ceremony full of introductions, acknowledgments, and setting the scene/explaining the theme of the conference.  Yesterday’s opening ceremony got a bit of a special treat,and Minh Son was there to paint a picture of the story Niki shared to set the theme of the conference.

After the opening ceremony, the sessions started.  The sessions last 3 hours which seems like a long time when you say it, but it really flys by when you are in the session.

At this conference, I’m assisting John in the session about Revive, a respite program for children with special needs. So far, the participants have asked a ton of questions and have really shown an interest in trying to start similar programs here!

And if you know Niki, you know her session always involves fun stuff.  This year, there’s face painting and tie dying going on in her room.   Who doesn’t love that?!

The other sessions involve topics about how to do centers in the early childhood classroom, Defining ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism, and how to help these kids, Sensory Approaches to dealing with difficult behaviors, Normal Language Development, and Special Education.  Good stuff right?

We have one more day, but so far the response has been great, and the teachers here are wonderful.

But I’ll be honest, I’m secretly counting down until we get on the night train to go to Bac Ha. =)  I just love that place!  As soon as the conference is done tomorrow, half of us rush straight to the train station.  We will arrive in Bac Ha at 5:30am on Monday morning and begin preparing for our conference up there.  I will be leading a session about Life Skills at that conference.  Can’t wait!

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