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There are just some conversations you want to document forever. This was one of them.

After we read our Bible last night, the girls ran to their room, and Justus grabbed my face and said:

mom, if I disobey, does Jesus stop loving me?

I reassured him that no, Jesus never stops loving him. He asked again a few more times and then said:

“if I don’t tell the truth, will he make me disappear?

I have no idea where that came from! The thoughts of a three year old =)

He doesn’t quite get the concept that the baby Jesus that we celebrate at Christmas grew up, became a man, died on the cross, and rose again. I just recently discovered he thinks baby Jesus is still a baby and it was a different Jesus who died on the cross and yet a different Jesus who is in heaven. (we are working on correcting that perception!)

“mom, was the baby Jesus in the big man Jesus’ tummy?”

He also doesn’t yet get that the cross was a one time event. He was always begging to go back stage to see the cross all the time. I finally figured out that he doesn’t want to miss the next time Jesus is on the cross!

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