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Disney Day 2 | Minterlife

Disney Day 2

Our second day was spent at Animal Kingdom.  This day may have been my favorite day of the trip.

Did you notice Elliana’s pouty face?  Yes, she really showed off those amazing pouty lips in most of the morning pictures.

We started off the morning going to the African Safari.  AMAZING is all I can say.  We all just loved it.  Here we are waiting in line.  We woke the little man up earlier this day, and so he was awake and happy!  Yay!

Justus insisted I put this one on the blog.  He is still talking about how the animals kept showing us their bottoms.  (insert giggle here)

After the Safari, you can walk through a zoo like observatory.  Elliana is fascinated with bones, and so she loved all the skeletons of the animals.  I don’t think she gets that skeletons are dead animals, and I surely wasn’t going to be the one to tell her.  For now, she just thinks bones are cool =)


After all that riding and walking, the kids thought they needed a big snack to tide them over until lunch.  I tried to sway them towards the bananas or apples, but when they saw these huge pretzels, they wanted nothing else.

After our snack break, we went to go see The Lion King.  I was so excited to see this!  Even though the kids didn’t know we were going to Disney until the day we left, we have been silently preparing them for the trip.  We borrowed most of the Disney movies from a friend and The Lion King was one of the favorites among the kids.  They know all the songs and talk about the movie constantly.

And since Elliana had suddenly decided to try smiling again, I had to snap a picture of the two of us! (Sidenote..some adult who wasn’t thinking said something along the lines of “oh, look at her teeth.  She’s going to need braces”  Now my 5 year old rarely smiles with her mouth open.  Think before you speak people!)

The show was amazing!  And even more amazing was the fact that we got to see Minnie Mouse right after the show!

Doesn’t Minnie’s face just make you smile?!

At some point during this day, we realized we should have brought a double stroller.  Instead, one of the girls was on my back, one on Brent’s shoulders, and Justus was in the stroller.  Fun times.

Outside the Rain Forest Cafe, there was a huge fountain that had an elephant “spitting” water.  Just look at how much fun it is to stand in the elephants “spit”.

After lunch, we went to the kiddie rides for a bit, and then Brent and I took turns riding Everest.  That’s Brent in the very front of the ride on the right!  Everest has a single rider option which allowed us to not wait in line.  Brent went straight to the front of the line, rode the ride, and then came and got the kids, and then I went on.  In about 10 minutes, we were done!  Beats waiting in line together for 45 minutes =)  It was amazing and the only “big person” ride we rode this trip.

After Brent and I finished dragging our kids around to do big people things, we took them back to the pool.  They absolutely LOVED swimming every day.  Avery and Sidney are two little fish and had a blast choreographing water routines, learning new tricks, and giggling together.  Justus was my little dare devil which meant it quickly became a rule that he must have a life jacket on at all times. Elliana wore a life jacket the first day and then insisted that she was big enough to swim.  And sure enough, she swam!  She also participated in EVERY game the resort people had.   She won a little plastic duck at one of the games, and she is now inseparable from that duck! Every evening when it was time to get out to eat, all three of my kids would be in tears because they didn’t want to leave the pool.

Let’s just say that at the end of this day, the kids had no trouble falling asleep that night!

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