An amazing young woman crossed my path while I was overseas and has wedged herself into my heart.


In her short 24 years of life, she has grieved more and seen more than I ever hope to.   However, I have yet to see her succumb to the grief that life seems to throw at her.

She became an orphan in a third world country when she was eight.  When I was worried about hair, boys, and how stupid my parents were, she was being pushed into an orphanage and learning how to live without her family.

She talks highly of her time at the orphanage, but yet I still look into the eyes of all the children there and wonder what their hearts feel.  Most of them smile and have fun, but they still cry when we leave and talk about one day having a family of their own.

But my friend doesn’t talk about what she never had, she talks about Jesus. She stated  to me, “if I had been adopted, I might never had found Jesus or met you.  I am just so blessed.”

She then went on to tell me how blessed she is.  She is not allowed to openly speak of her faith nor does she have many Christians walking along side her, but yet she states often that she is blessed.

You know her number one blessing? That Jesus brought her to Himself.

Her eyes shine when she talks about her Savior.  She lists all the things he’s done for her and how He just continually shows her how much He loves her.  She briefly mentions the hardships of life, but quickly reminds us both that neither one of us has suffered as much as Jesus and so she is blessed.

She understands that Christ chose her, drew her to himself, forgave her, and has great plans for her.  She believes wholeheartedly even though everything in life tells her differently.

And I’m convicted.

Convicted of how easily I lose sight of my ultimate blessing.  How easily I focus on the immediate frustration or momentary pain.  How easily life can get me down instead of focusing on what Christ has and is doing for me.

And I feel completely humbled to have become her friend.

In our brief week and a half together, we talked more about Christ and what it means to pursue Him than about anything else.  I went to bed praying for her and woke up praying for her.  I gave her some simple Bible study aids, and we talked about some sermons she listens to via podcast.

We spent our last three hours huddled together like little school girls.  We stood off in a corner by ourselves so we could make our last moments count by discussing the Word, what our Father was teaching each of us, and how we were growing in our walk.

My heart hurt when the time to leave came.  I hugged her goodbye and prayed over her with tears in my eyes.

My sister in Christ.

She is in my mind and prayers often.  I selfishly pray she will get a tourist visa to the US soon.  I would love for her to be here for Christmas.  To be able to worship with a body of believers and be able to celebrate with my family.  I would love to watch her be baptized and to rejoice with her over what she’s learning in the Word.

But regardless of what travel plans the Lord has for this sweet young lady, I know his hand is on her life. I pray the Lord watches over her, keeps her, and continues to deepen her relationship with Him.   Most of all I pray she will find a mentor and friend who will invest in her and love her as she moves forward in life.

But I always end every prayer the same.  I pray that one day I’ll have the privilege of crossing paths with her again.



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