Birthday Wishes

Before I get to all the Vietnam posts this week, I had to stop and write about my oldest child.

This sweet young lady turned 6 this past week and I can hardly believe how grown up she has become!  Or that I’m old enough to have a 6 year old! =)

We celebrated her actual bday with some presents from Grandma and Grandpa and a little tea party at the American Girl Doll store.  A friend had given her their old American Girl doll and Avery has fully embraced the whole American Girl doll phenomena.   Fully. Embraced.

The tea party was a blast but the store itself is a little overwhelming!  So many things that we just “had to have”!   Avery still talks about how “Samantha” got her own pink lemonade and how much fun she had.  Birthday success =)

Her celebration came this past weekend.  She had 3 friends over for a little bubble gum party.  We played games, laughed, ate cake, and had a great time.

Happy Birthday sweet Avery!!  Words could never express how much we love you and are so thankful for you and your silly, sweet, kind, loving, caring, patient, fair, and responsible personality!     Love you more than all the pink ice cream in the world.

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