Fun Times

I love the Fall.  Or maybe just the month of October.  I mean you get the State Fair, pumpkin patches, my sister’s birthday…the list of fun stuff happening in October is limitless.

But this year, I won’t be in town the last 2 weekends of October, so I’m trying to cram all my favorite October activities into just a few short days.  I mean, I can’t properly go onto Thanksgiving preparations until all things pumpkin have been fully explored.

So activity #1 for the Fall season was Nash Farms

Pony rides, leather pressing, petting zoos, decorating pumpkins, planting flowers, pumpkin bowling, you name it and they had it.

I was having so much fun that I completely ignored when my two year old almost fell asleep at the leather pressing table.

About an hour later, he did ask me if I would please take him home to bed.  I finally gave in and we said good bye to our first glorious October fun.

Now to get in a couple different pumpkin patches and the state fair in the next 8 days….

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