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Did You Know?

Did you realize that if a farmer in Bac Ha is able to get a water buffalo, his yearly income will double?

With a water buffalo, they can grow more corn and rice.  The corn can be used to feed the livestock which enables them to have more livestock.  The buffalo can also transport more rice up and down the mountain to the market so the family can sell more and make more income.   Without a water buffalo, their yearly income is around $1000.  With a water buffalo, their income is around $2000. Makes you want to go purchase some water buffalo and give them away doesn’t it?!

Through our organization, a member of our church was able to help this family purchase a water buffalo, and we got to deliver the buffalo to the family this morning.

Its amazing how one person listening to the Lord and obeying his lead can change the entire future of a family living halfway around the world.

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