Little Miracle

I want to take a day and just celebrate the little miracles God has done in me over the past few months.

Last January I started getting sick.  I was continually nauseous and couldn’t handle most food. We did allergy tests, strict diets, and everything else the doctors could come up with.

By May, the sickness, whatever it was, began to get unbearably worse. By the last week of May, I started to not be able to eat anything without immediately getting sick. Every day, for the next 13 weeks, I was just sick. By the last week, I couldn’t even function. It was then that the Lord finally broke me.

Deep in the misery of this sickness, God began to give me a glimpse of some things He wanted to change in me. Deep in the misery of this sickness, God began opening my eyes to things I would have never discovered had I not been too weak to even get off the couch. Deep in the misery of this sickness, I found recovery.

My eyes were opened to sin that needed to be confessed. So I literally spent a full week in August doing nothing but confessing and calling out to God. I could do nothing else. My body hurt, I had no energy, and I couldn’t eat.

By the end of the week, I was healed. Completely healed. Haven’t had an issue since type healed.

Now throughout the summer, there were different medicines tried, doctors visited, and circumstances that changed, and God may have used one of those things to heal me; however, I know that healing came after I hit rock bottom, and He changed me.

Can we take a minute and praise our God? The only living God who heals and interacts daily with his children!

However God healed me, I’m thankful He waited until the last moment. Without those last few weeks of weakness, I would not have learned so much or drawn as near to Him as I did.

Weakness has a way of pointing out those secrets parts of your heart that you don’t see when you can function normally. Weakness is good.

I’m now on the other side of the 7 months of misery.  Those months were hard.  The last few were extremely difficult, but I can now look back and say it was all worth it. The lessons I learned and the faith God increased in me are priceless.

I didn’t want to get to that point where I was so sick.  For months, I continually asked God to heal me.  Begged God to heal me.   Was desperate for God to heal me.  Was fearful He wouldn’t heal me.

But my fear of getting to the point where I couldn’t function anymore was the very place God needed to take me in order for me to hear Him.  In the  middle of the misery was the miracle I needed.

Through God’s grace, we are able to walk through whatever storm is in front of us. To quote Pasty Clairmont, “sometimes its in the middle of the very thing you try to avoid that the miracle you so desire occurs.”


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