Big Boy Bed

Yesterday was the first time I have ever had my children raise their right hand and repeat,

“I am not a monkey.  I am a child.”

Unfortunately for the many mattress stores we visited, the message never truly sunk into their pretty little heads, and I’m now fairly certain we got a good deal on a mattress simply because the sales person wanted us out of their store. Sometimes having restless kids has its perks.

Unfortunately for my kiddos, I was determined to get the mattress home by myself and not pay for delivery.

Yes, that is my awesome mini van and a child crawling through “the secret passageway” in order to get to their car seats.

In our house, if you call something “a secret passageway” they will think it is totally awesome and will forget about all the totally unawesome stuff going on.

Like driving with a heavy mattress on your head.  This is the view from the back of the car, but don’t worry,  I kept talking to them while I drove to make sure they were still breathing.

Once we were all settled in the minivan, I remembered that Target had bedding on clearance and that I had no extra sheets for a twin bed.  So we pulled into the Target parking lot, and I silently prayed my children were able to get out of the car without moving the mattress.

We only got a few stares  as I tried to figure out how to unbuckle the kids and show them the teeny tiny opening they could use to crawl out from under the mattress.  Getting back into the car and carseats after Target was also a pretty fun show for anyone who happened to be standing around.

But we made it home, I got the box spring and the frame down from the attic, moved it all into his bedroom, got everything set up, and then realized I was too tired to enforce the whole “don’t get out of your bed” thing.  So he went back into his crib.

We’ll start the whole bed training thing tonight, but don’t let that cute little grin fool you.  I’ve already heard him whisper to his sisters that he’ll come see them when mom leaves the room.

This transition should be fun.

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  1. Crystal November 17, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    OMG so I need to a full size mattress from boston to ny so I cannot strap it to the roof of the car. I plan on renting a minivan I will be travelling alone. do you think I would be able to fit a fullsized mattress in a minivan?? what kind of minivan do you have?

    • kari November 18, 2011 at 12:54 am #

      I’m not sure about a full size! We have a Honda Odyssey and the twin barely fit in the van…I definitely couldn’t have packed any other stuff into the van along with the mattress. Its always worth a shot though right =) Let me know how it goes!

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