Encouraging Times

The past week has been a huge encouragement to me.

I have been blown away by the friends from high school who have emailed or sent money to support my trip to Vietnam. I didn’t really follow the Lord in high school, so to reconnect with old friends and to learn we are all walking toward Christ together is extremely humbling and so exciting at the same time.

Friends helping me get to Vietnam is tremendously encouraging.

Hearing from old friends also makes me journey back through the last 15 years and reflect on all Christ has done in my life.  In fact, it was the summer of 1997 that Christ first grabbed my attention and took me across an ocean so He could grab my heart.  That summer was just the beginning of Christ changing me.   Hearing from friends from around that time humbles me greatly and reminds me that I did nothing to deserve Christ.  He pursued me and brought me out of my environment so that He could change me.

Reflecting on the amount of love God has for me is extremely encouraging.

Then I get stopped by a former student who shares with me a vision and dream God has given her.  She is passionately obeying Christ, even though she doesn’t know how all the details will work out.  She stopped me this morning and told me this post encouraged her to push forward.  She is planning a youth conference to encourage teens to pursue Christ in Georgia and in Tennessee over the next two months.  Have I mentioned she’s 17?  But God used words I wrote to push her forward in obedience.

To be part of a chain that God uses is humbling and so very encouraging.

The emotions and encouragement of the past week have been refreshing and revitalizing.  Just a few months ago I wrote about how I felt like I was just sitting and waiting for God to tell me what was next.  I was stuck in this transition; this restlessness that seemed to have no end in site.

But there was an end in site.  This past week I have been overwhelmed as God has begun to move me out of the restless stage.  God seeing me worthy of being moved into a place of usefulness is incredibly humbling, and I am beyond grateful for it.

The waiting, the watching for God, the pruning, the trials, it was all worth it.  I’m beginning to walk out on the other side of what has been a hard 8 months.

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