Change is Good

Last Thursday night we sat down to eat as a family, and Brent and I began to talk. I was telling him all about what God had been revealing to me that day and how my day had been spent confessing and talking to the Lord and asking Him to show me how to change.

See Thursday I had been talking to the Lord about the craziness of life, and He clearly opened my eyes to the fact that I was letting my emotions dictate my actions for the day. If I was tired, I was excusing myself from fully engaging with my kids or my housework. If I was frustrated, I was acting very frustrated towards my kids and my house. My emotions were very much dictating how my day was going.

So Thursday night I confess this to Brent, and we start talking about how I can flip this again. No one wants to live on the rollar coaster of emotions!

Then Friday morning I show up at Women of Faith. Patsy Clairmont (my new favorite speaker!) begins speaking, and one of the first things she says is:

“It is extremely important to have boundaries on your feelings”

I sat up a bit taller and started listening a bit better. Then she states that we all must have boundaries on our emotions and reads Proverbs 29:11 “A fool vents all her feelings. A wise women holds them back.

Okay at this point, I began to thank God that He had revealed the sin of my emotions less than 24 hours earlier. I was so thankful I was aware of my problem already so that as Patsy spoke, I could just soak it all up.

She continued to speak and remind me that my feelings are not stronger than my will and that my feelings were never meant to think. And it is our emotions that keep us tattered and swinging and not pursuing the true desires of our heart which are from God.

Most of what was said was not “new” information, but yet I truly needed the reminder. The whole weekend was incredible, but the three different times Patsy spoke, God used it to move my heart.  I will definitely be writing about all I learned from her as the week goes on, but today I just wanted to share the fun way God works.  He knew what I would listen to on Friday morning, and He prepared me so He could change me.

Change is so good.  Which leads me to the next amazing thing Patsy Clairmont spoke about.  But I’ll save that for another day.  For today I’m simply grateful I got the chance to spend the weekend at Women of Faith.

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  1. Holly September 4, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    He looks WAY too big in that bed! And … may the force be with you 🙂

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