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The last few weeks, Brent and I have been working on memorizing the same verses. In the past, we’ve each done our own thing, but in the quest for more accountability and for both of us to be meditating and discussing the same thing, we decided to start memorizing the same scripture together.

If you know my man, you know that when he starts a new project, he doesn’t just start it.  He researches, researches, and then puts a system in place that will guarantee success.

It was no different this time.  We decided to memorize the Fighter Verses from Desiring God’s ministries.  We already had all the note cards with the verses on them, but apparently note cards are so old school. And my husband doesn’t do old school.

So he found this app, and I laughed when he put it on our phones.  Laughed at how unnecessary I initially thought it was.  Laughed that he can make even scripture memory high tech.  Laughed that I just never go and search out new ways to do things and he ALWAYS searches out new ways to do things.  Laughed, but in the appreciative, I love how Brent’s mind works kind of way =)

But the point of the story is we are both using this great app to memorize scripture together.  Every Sunday, we switch the verse, and our verse becomes part of our conversations throughout the week.  It has been incredible to memorize together.

A few good things about this app:

  1. I always have my phone with me so can always review the verse
  2. The verse is set as my wallpaper so anytime I turn my phone on, I see the verse and am reminded to learn it and apply it
  3. Both of us learning the verses together creates great accountability.
  4. There are over 500 verses so it will take us quite a while to work through all of them
  5. There are quizzes to help ensure that I’m learning the verse
  6. For the ESV version, there are songs available to help in memorization

I’m sure there’s tons more reasons, but those are my main ones.

All that to say, if you have an IPhone, an IPad, an iTouch, or an Android and are looking for a way to push you to memorize scripture, you should get the Fighter Verses App.  It is a wonderful tool!

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