Lonestar Homecoming by Colleen Coble

I received this complementary book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for agreeing to review the book on this site,  and was excited to sit down and enjoy a good story.  I had read great reviews about the author, Colleen Coble, so assumed the story would be fun to read.

Lonestar Homecoming is about a young girl running from her problems as she tries to protect her young daughter.  She eventually learns, throughout quite a few twists and turns, that only by confronting her past will she be able to move forward into happiness.  Overall, the story was a quick read and very well written.  It is the type of book you can sit down and read in a couple hours.  While it was enjoyable, I’m not sure I will be reading anything else by this author.  The character development was a little trite and the overall plot was not as in depth as I like; however, if you plan on taking a trip to the beach or just want to sit on the couch for a lazy rainy afternoon and not think to much, this would be a great book for you!

I don’t normally read fiction more than once, and am trying really hard to not keep clutter in the house, so if you’re looking for an easy ready, I would love to send the book to the first person who wants it.  If you’re interested, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll send the book your way!

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