Parenting Fail

Els has been having bad dreams lately.  I mean really really bad dreams where she wakes me up screaming.  She gets scared during the day too.  Which brings me to last night.

Let me set the scene…Me and the kids eating dinner and Els starts to talk about her scary dream. In an attempt to distract, I said “how about you all go take the biggest bubble bath ever!”

This was met with lots of excitement, and I secretly patted myself on the back for coming up with such a great distraction.

Bath was going great.  All three kids were playing and laughing and having fun until….

“Justus, sit down.” He looked at me, smiled, and sort of bent over so his backside was over his oldest sister’s head as she was attempting to swim in the bathtub.  About the time I realized what was about to happen, it was too late.

“ahhhhhhhhh!!!  He pooped on my head!  He pooped on my head!!!”

And sure enough, he did.  As I’m trying not to gag myself, I grab all three kids out of the bubbles, put the older two in the shower with some soap and grab the youngest one and take him to his room to get him ready for bed.    Finally got him in bed, the girls out of the shower, and think to myself that Wednesday nights are supposed to be our fun nights so I need to redeem the night somehow.  This leads me to my second great parenting thought of the evening.

“Girls, while I clean out the tub, would you like to watch Clifford the movie?”

They wanted to watch Dora instead but I convinced them Clifford would be much better.  I figured there would be nothing in a Clifford movie that could trigger bad dreams, so I got them set in front of the TV while I went to go pick up the lovely present the little man left for me in the tub.  Everything in the bathroom was bleached and clean, and I walked back into the TV room to find both girls holding each other and sobbing.

“What’s wrong girls?” I asked as I picked them both up and put them on my lap.

“Clifford iiiiiiiissssssss lllllllooooooooossssst  and and and  heeeeee caaaaannnn’t fiiiiind hhhhisssss hoooooooooome.”

Ahhhhhh…Maybe Dora would have been the better option!  Needless to say, we fast forwarded to the end of the movie where Clifford and Emily Elizabeth were reunited so the girls could see that Clifford wouldn’t be lost forever.  The tears finally stopped, and I put them to bed.

I’m pretty sure that instead of eliminating bad dreams, I just added more bad dreams into her head.  Maybe next time I’ll just keep my grand parenting ideas to myself.

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  1. PaPaw April 29, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    Well you know what they say “It happens”

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