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This week I had a troubling thought.  This thought led to this post. A necessary post for me to write and for anyone reading to understand.  Hopefully, most already understand this, but my soul feels burdened to share anyway.  Are you curious about my thought yet?

I was stopped in my tracks by a comment someone made about legalism, an attempt to gain holiness through works and actions.   As I listened to this comment, I was instantly gripped with the fear that, because of my goal setting and holding myself accountable, I may give off the impression that I put my belief in my system rather than in God.   That is far from the truth.

I started this journey because God called me to begin pursuing the spiritual disciplines.   I began by attending a Renovare conference and reading a book by Richard Foster entitled “Celebration of Discipline”.  The book and conference revolutionized my thinking about the disciplines.  Foster states in the opening of the book “the purpose of the Disciplines is liberation from the stifling slavery to self-interest and fear”.   The self-interest and fear was all I had ever been introduced to in regards to the disciplines.  The fear of making wrong choices so being confined to rules and regulations.  The self-interest of everyone looking and acting perfect so again the rules and regulations were thrust upon all believers.  But those exposures to the spiritual disciplines were wrong.  Those organizations, while trying their best to instill godliness in its members, forgot about grace and the need for dependence on Christ to do anything.   Those disciplines definitely brought the outward change they wanted, but the inward change that I desired never happened.  That inward change is what I’m after today.

So in a nutshell, why do I set goals and reflect on my week?  Because “the Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us.” (Richard Foster).   I set goals so I won’t waste away my life WISHING I had time to sit down with God.  I set goals because time goes fast and I’m tired and my flesh continually pulls me toward earthly desires.  I set goals because I desire to put myself at the feet of Jesus so that HE can change me into who He wants me to be.   I hold myself accountable to Him each week knowing I live under His grace which he showers over me as I yield myself to Him.

Maybe you already knew that or maybe you always wondered, but I felt strongly the need to put it out there this week.  Thanks for reading =)


  • Still getting up and spending time with Jesus in the morning.  This week’s James Experiment is a bit harder for me =) Also still reading in Mark.
  • So I still haven’t found a new book to read yet.  Unless of course you count Harry Potter…my kids’ babysitter got me hooked =)  But this week I’m on the hunt for a new book.  I need something to push my mind into gear.
  • Didn’t get all the way through memorizing James 1 yet.   Will definitely have it finished by next week!
  • So I made it 4 out of the 6 times I wanted to work out last week.  A trip to the ER with Aves is my excuse about what happened the other 2 days.  Not a bad excuse right?!  I’ll make it all 6 days this week…Lord willing!

(Click here if you want to read the whole story about what led up to me writing these weekly posts)

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